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  1. Dancers Over 40 has posted their tribute to the Radio City Corps on youtube, There are several segments and the discussion includes dancers from the early years.
  2. Thank you, Bart and Natalia. I guess that ever since I discovered Kirstein on the library shelf (when you're first allowed access to the adult books) and read everything there before moving on to anything else, I've conflated the collected works into one big glorious multi-volume book in my head. Silly me.
  3. Have Homans and her reviewers and interviewers completely ignored Lincoln Kirstein's writings (i.e. Four Centuries of Ballet: Fifty Masterworks or Movement and Metaphor)?
  4. My nephews who are 17 and 22 have been avid Natalie Portman fans since her first Star Wars movie came out 10 or 11 years ago. Normally they would go to one of her movies immediately. I asked them if they had seen or were planning on seeing Black Swan. After a short discussion they agreed that the commercials were "creepy" and they had no interest in seeing Natalie Portman mistreated and suffering. These are kids who have no problem with torture in spy movies or violence in science fiction or war movies (usually the bigger the explosion, the better). I wasn't expecting their reaction to my question at all. There may be a cohort of young men who refuse to see Black Swan for similar reasons that have nothing to do with ballet.
  5. Francia Russell's comments on Concerto Barocco filmed when staging the work for the Het National Ballet:
  6. Duplicate entry created by mistake. I couldn't see how to delete it. Sorry.
  7. Wow!!! I am humbled and floored by everyone's responses to my little discovery. It makes me feel like I uncovered an artifact that supports evidence for the proof of Atlantis (substitute your Utopia of choice). http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif Bart, I saw your post when I got back from Sunday brunch where they were playing Ella Fitzgerald in the background. Your post made me see McBride as a balletic Fitzgerald. The sunny personality and beautiful performance quality come to mind when thinking of either one, and then you remember the technical ability (the chops) to do seemingly anything. I would love to see McBride get a Kennedy Center honor in the near future.
  8. I din't know if it's "legal" to post a link to the Chinese site www.tudou.com, but they have the 1973 Concerto Borocco posted here - http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/AnusOmR8-UM/#. The leads are danced by Patricia MacBride, Carol Sumner, and Peter Martins.
  9. And that is really part of the problem. It's a fine, thin line where "wittiness" ends and "nastiness" begins. It's SO easy to cross that line in certain contexts. And being in text/print flattens out some nuances of communication where in a coversation a particular comment might sort of "hover" on the acceptable side of that all important line. But in print, without any verbal shadings, the comment is blunt and mean. Of course it's possible to be witty and nasty. This has example has probably popped into my head because it's food related. David Mamet's comments about Jeremy Piven wanting to leave acting and take up a career as a thermometer when he withdrew from the recent revival of "Speed-the-Plow" was laugh out loud funny the first time read it. My reaction to AM was just to wince.
  10. At 3:21 in this clip from the Dancers Over 40 tribute to Agnes De Mille, Christine Sarry tells how she was hired because ABT needed a dancer shorter than Lupe Serrano. There are many treats in the Dancers Over 40 videos.
  11. Carla Fracci with Paolo Bortoluzzi at ABT around 1975.
  12. Another source for discounted ticket information is the website - http://www.broadwaybox.com/ They have discount codes posted for Broadway, off-Broadway, and other things. If you must drive into Manhattan for a performance, Icon Parking offers discounts if you present your ticket stubs along with a printed copy of one of the coupons available here - http://www.iconparkingsystems.com/Promotions_Specials.asp Happy New Year to all!!
  13. On video Maya Plisetskaya.
  14. When I saw this post the first thing that ran through my head was: "Please, please, please, let there be one of Villella's appearances be available at last." Nothing was listed in the information for the dvd. It feels like history is being erased (or at least a favorite part of my childhood). :-(
  15. I saw one performance of the David Blair staging of Swan Lake for ABT led by Martine van Hamel and Jonas Kage that left me with a satisfied feeling that I had seen the best possible performance. Now I don't remember the details of that performance, just a beautiful feeling that that performance was Swan Lake as it was meant to be danced. It would be okay if I didn't get to see it again, but I would always want to see it if given the chance.
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