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  1. Check out the Suki Schorer book on Balanchine technique.
  2. Too bad she wasn't able to see Yoko Morishito in her glory days guesting around the world with lots of press coverage after she won at Varna
  3. I think the change in approach to the Balanchine style will probably reflect the eras that Lopez & Villella danced at NYCB. I'm reminded of the threads that discussed how Francia Russell's stagings for the Trust reflected the period she danced with NYCB.
  4. I got to see him as a guest performer at a Yo-Yo Ma performance within the last few years. He's moving pretty fluidly between popular and "artistic" performance settings.
  5. lmspear

    Locating dancers

    I was at Dance Acadamy of RVC too. It was from 1973-1975 during high school. I took ballet with Karl Klauser and got my first taste of Graham technique from Marty Morginsky. I have no further information about either of them, but would love to learn anything. My family is still in the area and my travels take me by the studio every once in a while when I visit. The name is different and the signage indicates that the main focus is now on ballroom dance.
  6. The DVD of the video Bart posted above has a delightful commentary track by Franklin.
  7. Yes. Those donated tickets can show up for sale at any time.
  8. Before moving to the Duke campus ADF was based at Bennington in Vermont and then Conneticut College..
  9. Here's a tangential supplement to the discussion about a recent Russian literature event: putins-dead-poets-society just FYI
  10. I think the embassy staff (perhaps one of the cultural attaches) could have given her a perspective on Russian society and workplaces.
  11. It just troubles me that in everything I've read she never looked to US authorities in Moscow for protection or guidance. I also know her life has been completely post-Soviet. However this is still Russia, land of pogroms and purges and the ex-KGB still wields lots of authority. The Bolshoi was never an isolated shrine to artistic purity.
  12. It's just sad. http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/11/21/new-york-city-opera-to-auction-instruments-and-other-items/?ref=arts
  13. I keep wondering if any of the personnel at the US embassy was consulted by, or could have helped, Womack about the tax issues or how things work in Russian institutions. It's hard to believe that she was so blinded by her art that she was only listening to people on the inside and never went for a reality check from anybody without a stake in the Bolshoi Ballet.
  14. During this period ABT used children in Petruchka, La Sylpide (in the reel) and in Etudes. SJP could easily have been on stage with ABT in that capacity and I wouldn't put it past a fashion, entertainment, or human interest reporter to be uniformed enough to assume and report that she was a company member.
  15. Maybe she was one of the little girls demonstrating the five position at the opening of Etudes or a child extra in Petrushka.
  16. The centralized source for tickets in DC is called TicketPlace and Goldstar also offers 1/2 price tickets.
  17. Following the URL automatically activates the discount offer that I posted. You will receive offers based on past attendance. In addition, the subscriptions manager for the KenCen has a special Yahoo group that he will send offers to when tickets are made available to him. This was the source of the offer I posted. When times were better, and they just wanted bodies in the seats he even gave out comps on occassion, but that almost never happens now.
  18. I just received this offer in my email. It is good for Wednesday or Friday. Enjoy!
  19. I have to open my mouth here. The Kennedy Center operates under a unique structure. Performances are not funded by taxpayer dollars. The physical plant of the building and the "living memorial to President Kennedy" are operated with tax dollars through the National Park Service. Performances, educational programing, administrative staff, etc. are funded through the Kennedy Center Trust. Performances went on as usual during the federal government shutdown.
  20. Peck is working on the "Little Dancer" project which is also aiming for Broadway. She'll be playing the young version of the Degas statue with Susan Stroman directing/choreographing. So Fairchild & Peck could possibly be on Broadway at the same time in the near future, but they would have to find a worm hole that would let them time travel to appear on the same stage at the same time. (I'm being very very silly .)
  21. A double alas, I won't be home when it's being show. . One of our other Washingtonians will have to take on reporting duties for both of us.
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