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  1. In addition to what has been posted here, Dick had a long and successful career after leaving NYCB. He first formed a cabaret act, The Cabots, with Frank Sabella and Marion Saunders appearing throughout the United States at such venues as the Palmer House in Chicago and Bill Miller's Rivera in New York as well as appearing twice nightly for over a year at the Lido in Paris. Next came the move to Hollywood and television choreography as has been mentioned. In addition to choreography he was often called upon to appear with stars of the programs including Juliet Prouse and Cyd Charisse.
  2. The link to Dick's obituary in the Los Angeles Times is: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/latimes/o...p;pid=130699407
  3. The photo was one of a set taken by George Platt Lynes
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