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  1. I think we need more guys to get famous,Nureyev & baryshnikov had so much exposure in the mainstream ( ugh...) media that for a time ballet was popular even in America. I hate it that guys have to face this descrimination,we love you guys ,please keep on dancing.
  2. I love your site thanks http://tightsandtiaras.blogspot.com/ this one may work better.
  3. I know some people found the book to be a little harsh on poor Rudolph,but apparently he liked & trusted Rudi Van Dantzig enough to ask him to write it. The book was an interesting view of Rudolph from a dance insider unlike other biographies I have read.I think that Van Dantzig is a sensitive and intelligent guy who created some original ballets which where pretty edgy for that time,I think he was someone Rudolf Nureyev admired.
  4. Suzanne Farrell on the Leonard Lopate show Sept 25 2008 http://www.wnyc.org/shows/lopate/episodes/...segments/110345 If you search on the page you will also find interviews with Mikhail Baryshnikov,Edward Villella &Benjamin Millepied
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