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  1. Hi, Sandik. We lost our OBT Exposed sponsor this year so we had to temporarily suspend that program. We hope to bring it back as soon as possible though. We replaced it this summer with a one-day outdoor arts festival that we hosted in our parking lot in August. If you're interested in observing the company, we're opening the Keller Auditorium to the public on October 8 from 11:30-5:00 as part of Oregon's Day of Culture. People can come and go as they please and watch the company take class and rehearse the retrospective program that opens next weekend.
  2. FY06 was the season we increased the size of the company, went from four programs to five, and staged our first full-length Swan Lake - hence the increase in expenses. Ticket sales were actually up that year almost $500,000 from FY05. If you scroll down to Part VII in the 990 though, you'll see that we also wrote off over nearly $800,000 in pledges to a cancelled capital campaign. That's what caused the net drop in revenue.
  3. Hi, M&S. We haven't cancelled any performances for the upcoming season. In fact, we're doing four more shows next year than we did in 2008/09. When you filled out your subscription form, did you indicate a first and second choice for performance days? It sounds like you might have been given the Saturday shows because the available seating in your section wasn't as good on Sundays - or else was sold out entirely. I apologize if we switched your performance dates in error. If that's the case, please call our box office at 503.2.BALLET and we'll correct it right away. Best, Erik at OBT
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