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  1. A few years ago (2006), New York City received a record snowfall that began on Saturday, February 11th, and continued into the morning of February 12th--26.9 inches was measured in Central Park.. That Sunday, I went in with my wife and in-laws to see an NYCB matinee. The show went on, though they had to swap out one of the scheduled dances that required a cast of children who were unable to get to Lincoln Center. We set in the Fourth Ring, as always, with perhaps a couple dozen others. Even the orchestra section was nearly empty. They will only cancel if the dancers (or perhaps the orchestra) can't make it.
  2. I see that ABT is planning to 'break the bank' with luxurious costumes! woo-hoo.... Given that this will be a premiere, it is possible that the costumes that shall be worn in the performances were not yet ready for the photo shoot.
  3. Natalia Osipova replaces Misty Copeland in the Saturday matinee of The Firebird (and is still also scheduled for that evening's performance). Abatt reported this a couple of minutes ago in the Copeland Injury thread (based on the update of the ABT performance calendar), but I thought it would be best to include this information on this thread as well.
  4. RUKen

    Natalia Osipova

    She is listed as a principal with the company this year, rather than as a guest performer. Not all of the principals dance with ABT in their fall season, so it's hard to say whether Osipova will this year, but it seems likely at this point that she will be back for the regular spring season in 2013. Of course, the patrons of the Bolshoi must have had similar thoughts about her for 2012...
  5. Erica Cornejo was a soloist with ABT before she joined Boston Ballet in 2006.
  6. Is the one-week exchange period the last week of March?
  7. Just to be clear, if we subscribe to 3 performances, and are not satisfied with the particular seats that we have been assigned in our chosen section for a performance, can we exchange them during the one-week exchange period for other seats in the same section, on the same date, without penalty? Can we exchange them in May or June for better seats in the same section, if they open up, without paying more? I'm sorry if this is redundant, but with the multiple ticket-purchase plans it's difficult to understand exactly what can and cannot be done. Any clarification that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Paul Parish's post may have set a new record for the longest interval between posts in a thread! I'll just add that ABT is also performing Onegin this spring. One of the casts includes both Diana Vishneva and Natalia Osipova.
  9. My wife and I watched this videocassette a couple of weeks ago. The first act seemed dark (literally), which sometimes made it a little difficult to see fine details. In the second act, there is enough contrast between the costumes and the background that the lighting is not really an issue. The sets are not the same as those used in the current ABT production of Giselle. It was great to see these two dancers in the lead roles. I prefer Baryshnikov's Albrecht to Nureyev's (which we also have on a DVD recording). Makarova is very dramatic in the title role, though Alina Cojocaru is still my favorite Giselle. Martine van Hamel is an excellent Myrta. Because of the picture quality, I wouldn't recommend this as anyone's first Giselle recording, but for fans of any of these dancers, this is certainly worth having. I wish I could describe a little more, but we were both sick with a virus as we watched, and we had to break it into two evenings. We'll have to watch it again sometime when we're both healthy.
  10. Frankly, I'd rather see Hallberg, but you won't hear me complaining about the substitute: the website now lists Marcelo Gomes. Yes, and it lists Carreno as Gomes' replacement in the matinee!
  11. I was not aware there was another score for "Cinderella"! Hmm...interesting. It was choreographed not too long ago by Renato Zanella for the Ballett der Wiener Staatsoper (and is available on DVD). ABT would no doubt want it re-choreographed if they were to produce it, and it is hard to imagine Alexei Ratmansky choreographing to Strauss rather than Prokoviev, so this is very unlikely to happen. That won't stop me from hoping for it...
  12. Why not use the score composed (mostly) by Johann Strauss--"Aschenbroedel"? (Aschenbroedel is the German name for Cinderella.)
  13. ABT performed La Sylphide last year--I saw Natalia Osipova and Herman Cornejo in the lead roles. It is possible, though, that 4mrdncr was referring to "The Lesson" when asking if they had ever done it.
  14. I think that you would also enjoy the Royal Ballet DVD, filmed in 2000, with Carlos Acosta as Franz and Leanne Benjamin as Swanilda, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. The choreography is by Ninette de Valois.
  15. ABT could certainly have a fall season at the venue formerly called State Theatre, after the mid-October conclusion of NYCB's season. In the fall, ABT has performed repertory pieces with minimal or no scenery. In my opinion, it is very unlikely that ABT would also consider moving there for the spring. The ABT and NYCB spring seasons currently overlap by about four weeks, and I'm pretty sure that the Met stage is significantly larger, which would mean (as you had supposed) that ABT would have to create all new sets for the story ballets, and probably some new choreography to fit the smaller stage.
  16. Maybe... the article doesn't say that she accepted, only that she "got flustered when her boyfriend proposed to her seconds after she danced to Tchaikovsky."
  17. The casting changes have been posted on the ABT website: May 21 - Don Quixote: Cory Stearns (with Gillian Murphy) May 28 - Giselle: David Hallberg (with Alina Cojocaru) June 11 and 20 - Coppelia: Daniil Simkin (with Natalia Osipova) June 29 - Swan Lake: Marcelo Gomes (with Paloma Herrera) July 9 - The Sleeping Beauty: Marcelo Gomes (with Gillian Murphy) ETA: After posting the above message, I saw that abatt had posted these changes yesterday on another thread in the ABT folder.
  18. I copied the following from answers.com: Walter Slezak plays Dr. Coppelius in this misleading titled fantasy feature. Not a horror flick as one might assume, The Mysterious House of Dr. C is a respectable adaptation of Ted and JoAnna Kneeland's ballet Coppelia. The non-dancing Slezak plays a daffy but essentially decent inventor who creates a "clockwork girl," who comes to life in the form of lovely American ballet star Claudia Corday. As the life-sized doll Swanilda, Corday is paired with Caj Selling of the Royal Swedish Ballet. A few beguiling animated sequences add icing to this spooky but nonthreatening confection. Mysterious House of Dr. C was one of a handful of films produced by Samuel Bronston after his fall from grace as King of the Historical Epics (El Cid, Fall of the Roman Empire, et. al.)
  19. This is confirmed in the brochure that was recently mailed for ordering individual tickets. (They are not yet available online.)
  20. I don't know how frequently it is on the schedule year-to-year, but it is on the upcoming spring season schedule, each day May 11th-15th.
  21. Alina Cojocaru is appearing as a guest artist with ABT this year in just a few performances. There is no way of knowing whether she'll return in future years. The casting for the lead parts in ABT's spring schedule is available on their website: http://www.abt.org/calendar.aspx?startdate=5/1/2011
  22. Finally, the performances at Lincoln Center have been announced: Tues. June 14 and Wed. June 15: Bournonville Variations, Lost on Slow, The Lesson, + Napoli, ACT III Fri. June 17 and Sun. June 19: The Lesson and La Sylphide Sat. June 18 matinee and evening: La Sylphide and Napoli, Act III
  23. There is also no indication about what the RDB will be performing in New York. The websites for the other three locations in the U.S. had this information available last summer.
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