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  1. Or she may have taken her tone from his self-description -- if he was self-depricating, she might have thought that was the "official" tone. If that is the case, she should have stated something like "in his own words, he and his wife were second-rate dancers", or whatever he actually said.
  2. I agree with Canbelto's description of this as a depiction of a Happy Revolution. Ratmansky's version for the Bolshoi, as I recall, highlights the senseless violence of the times much more clearly. No one else has mentioned the little girl who performed a character dance in the last act. She was a great performer!
  3. I guess the folks at ABT were not too pleased that this info was uncovered, because all of the ABT info has now vanished from the Met calendar. Not that there was any ever doubt, but this confirms that ABT reads the entries on this board. LOL. From memory, the remainder of the season is: First week of June--La Bayadere Second week of June--The Sleeping Beauty Third week of June--Romeo and Juliet Fourth week of June--Swan Lake Last week through July 4th--Cinderella
  4. Although ABT has still not posted their spring schedule on their website, a glimpse of the first three weeks is available on the website of the Metropolitan Opera. The season begins May 11th, and the company is performing "Classic ABT" through the 16th. (No details are available, but clearly this is a repertory performance that will include some of the historical pieces mentioned in the press release.) The gala is on May 18th. From the 19th through the 21st they are performing Othello. Giselle runs from May 21st through the 28th, and The Sleeping Beauty begins on the 29th. The Met Opera schedule only runs through May, so that is the extent of the ABT schedule that is posted.
  5. Is it possible that ABT will take a week off while the Royal Ballet performs in New York? Maybe the RB will perform in the Met rather than the Koch? (Wishful thinking, I know...)
  6. Herman Cornejo and Xiomara Reyes were not partners during the past spring season. Cornejo was scheduled to dance with Kochetkova (Don Quixote), Cojocaru (La Bayadere and Giselle), and Copeland (Coppelia), whereas Reyes was paired with Lendorf (Don Quixote), Vasiliev (also Don Quixote), Jackson (Manon), Gorak (Cinderella), Matthews (Giselle), and Radetsky (Coppelia). It seems that Kevin McKenzie was preparing for Reyes' departure, though it is not clear that he resolved the issue of who will be the best partner for Cornejo. In any case, only Copeland (of those named) is currently on the ABT roster.
  7. Although "Obamacare" was initially used by political groups that did not want the plan to succeed, the term has been generally adopted across the political spectrum, is more widely recognized, and its use no longer connotes disapproval. Just my two cents...
  8. California wrote: I just took a look at the Dance collection catalog and found a recording of Manon I plan to see next time I'm in New York: Ferri, Bolle, Cornejo, and Murphy, taped in performance at the Met June 14, 2007...Would that have been her retirement year? Performance? (The quote function on this forum no longer works for me, thus the paraphrasing.) Allesandra Ferri did indeed retire from ABT in the spring, 2007, but her final performance was in Romeo & Juliet the week after Manon. I attended an open dress rehearsal in which she participated on June 18th of that year.
  9. I believe that back in the 1970's, ABT was a resident at the Kennedy Center as well as at the Met. I don't know what part of the year that the company was in DC, but their stays were significantly longer than the current visits of about a week. (Unfortunately, I cannot find any details about this on the ABT website, but I have an old ballet history book at home that is my source for this.)
  10. Cargill commented (in post #11) on the absence of an Ashton ballet in the fall season, despite Ashton being mentioned as a choreographer for the anniversary season. The release by ABT (included in post #12 above) makes clear that the anniversary celebration will extend through December 2015, so Ashton's contribution is probably his Cinderella which was performed by ABT in June and is likely to be repeated next year. Edited to add: The performance dates for the fall season have now been posted at: www.abt.org/performances/kochtheater.asp
  11. Is the Othello in the crystal ball the Lar Lubovitch Othello or the John Neumeier Othello (or something else)?
  12. The fall season will be at the Koch Theater (the former State Theater), after the NYCB season and before the Mikhailovsky season.
  13. Interfax is reporting that Sergei Filin was discharged from the hospital in "normal" condition on Sunday morning: http://voiceofrussia.com/uk/news/2014_06_28/Sergei-Filin-in-intensive-care-7454/
  14. California wrote (quote function still not working for me): Was anyone at the open rehearsal Monday afternoon? Bolle sent out a re-tweet that Bolle and Seo were substituting at the last minute in the Act II rehearsal for Hallberg and Semionova. That all happened, of course, before the Murphy injury Monday night. So, that opens up different possibilities -- e.g., that Hallberg just didn't feel ready for SL with Polina (or vice versa). I was at the dress rehearsal. The change was announced just before the curtain rose, with no explanation given.
  15. The quote function isn't working for me now, so I'll paraphrase: Cobweb recalled a past ABT Giselle in which Bathilde asked Albrecht (performed by David Hallberg) why he was dressed so oddly and Albrecht "hesitated then suddenly made his excuse--a gesture of shooting with a bow--saying I've been hunting." This was in contrast to Hallberg's performance of that scene this past week, in which he could not come up with a reason for his attire. I find Hallberg's earlier gestures to be confusing--Bathilde has arrived in the village as part of a hunting party with the other nobles, who are all dressed in their finery despite chasing after wild boars. Why would Albrecht expect Bathilde to accept that hunting is a reason to dress like a peasant? By the way, I was at the Saturday night performance, hoping to see Herman Cornejo perform with Alina Cojocaru, but under the circumstances was pleased that Hallberg was ready to step in. I believe that Cornejo's absence was due to a medical issue that may be resolved by his scheduled Swan Lake performance.
  16. Since nobody more articulate than I has responded to Cobweb, I will report that I attended the Copeland/Cornejo performance on Friday and thought that it was a triumph for Misty. There was one glitch in the Act 3 pas de deux (I'm not sure what was intended, but it was clear to me that a particular element was aborted); other than that, Misty danced and performed the role very well, and she had a large group of supporters in the audience. Herman Cornejo was his usual brilliant self. The corps was okay, but my spouse noted that they did not convey the Eastern European character of the mazurka particularly well, and one dancer seemed to be doing a different dance at the start before she got back in synch with the others. Overall, it was a very enjoyable performance. Edited to add: I just found out that Yuriko Kajiya, who danced the Prayer solo as a late replacement on Friday (and also Saturday afternoon), had only begun learning the role two days earlier. Under those circumstances, she was fabulous. RUKen
  17. According to abatt in a different thread on ABT salaries, the dancers' salaries are based on a combination of seniority and level in the company (principal/soloist/corps), and they are operating under union contract. As a result, the two highest salaried principals (of either gender) are Paloma Herrera and Julie Kent. I believe that Marcelo Gomes is the highest-paid male dancer.
  18. Regarding the Trio subscriptions, I'm typically in the balcony, so I'm not sure if my comments below are applicable for the lower rings or the orchestra section: If you want to go to at least three of the performances with popular principals in the lead roles, then you are likely to get much better seats in the Trio subscription than if you wait until individual seats become available. Occasionally, though, tickets for good seats get returned (or exchanged), so if you are able to check availability every day you might score front-row seats in the section of your choice. Also, if your preference is to attend Wednesday matinees, when soloists are commonly cast in the lead roles, or if you are not particular about casting and flexible about dates, then you will probably find some good seats available later this spring.
  19. True, but the VFKATST has an unusually wide, relatively shallow stage. This will impact the choreography of the story ballets as well as the sets. (Otherwise, we would probably be seeing at least one full-length ballet this fall.)
  20. The stage at the venue formerly known as the State Theater is also smaller than that at the Met, meaning that the sets for many of ABT's productions might not be usable.
  21. Xiomara Reyes is scheduled to perform the lead on December 20th.
  22. You forgot Prince Charming. It seems that the Lilac Fairy brought a parade of princes to the dormant princess. (I have nothing to add to rg's response, which was posted as I was replying.)
  23. The Moor's Pavane is on the schedule for this coming fall (just posted), so it seems even more likely that it will be on a triple bill with The Dream and The Tempest in The Spring.
  24. It should also be considered that people with serious burn injuries are much more susceptible to infections than healthy people.
  25. I'm not a subscriber, so I will only respond to your last comment--if you are concerned about tall people sitting in front of you, then you should seriously consider getting tickets in one of the balconies. The sight lines are much better from there, and you are not that far from the stage. You can always bring opera glasses (small binoculars) to see faces. My wife, who is 5'2", hates orchestra seats, and always goes for the balcony.
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