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  1. I am watching this with a big grin on my face... They certainly knew how to make movie musicals in Hollywood then. Tonight it will probably be an Eleanor Powell movie for me or maybe Judy .... or Fred... or Ann...or Shirley.... so many possibilities... and always so little time . By the way, I don't like the colorized Shirley Temple movies, I prefer black and white .
  2. Susanna

    Raymonda la scala

    I ordered this DVD via Amazon UK and received it yesterday. The DVD is all I hoped for after I read the detailed descriptions in the respective thread. Costumes and stage setting are beautiful, the dancing of the corps is excellent and the soloists are brilliant. I was so glad I bought this… until Raymonda's variation during the third act started. During this variation, which is danced beautifully by Olesia Novikova, some "artistic" person decided to fade in the hands of the piano player who accompanies this variation. The fading occurs on the right side of the screen and does not interfere with Novikova's dancing, but it is extremely distracting if you suddenly see those hands. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, absolutely useless and in my opinion an effrontery against the dancer! I am really angry at Arthaus or whoever is responsible for this and if there were more current performances of Raymonda available on DVD I honestly would think about returning the DVD, but as this is not the case….. If anybody has already received a Blu-ray of the ballet, please let me know if there is the same problem or if there is possibly a choice option to avoid this silly fading.
  3. Susanna

    Neumeier's The Little Mermaid

    As far as I remember the mermaid was danced by Marie-Pierre Greve in Copenhagen (but I have no possibility to countercheck at the moment). Silvia Azzoni danced the mermaid at the German premiere in Hamburg. I had the chance to see this ballet about a year after the premiere and I liked it very much, even if I am not a big fan of Ms. Auerbach's music. Sivia Azzoni was a fantastic, very touching mermaid and I especially liked her dancing in the first part when she was still the sea creature moving beautifully and elegantly in the watery element. I love the idea how to the fishtail is made part of the dance. But my heart was broken when the mermaid made her first horrible, clumsy steps on her new feet. I agree there is not much of a fairy tale atmosphere and I could have done without golf and the Royal marine and those seamen. I found the Princess's (Helen Bouchet in Hamburg) behavior a bit irritating because she almost never reacts to anything the mermaid does, as if she is not able to see the mermaid. Neumeier's Little Mermaid will probably not become one of my all-time favorites (this place is occupied by his Illusions – Like Swan Lake and the Lady of the Camellias) but I would love to get another chance to see the Little Mermaid on stage and I am very much looking forward to this DVD.
  4. Susanna

    Is it possible to get tickets for a performance

    Darlindancer, I just looked at the Stuttgart Website. It says indeed that the tickets for the performance on May 7 are sold out but there is also a hint at the website that there might be tickets available directly at the evening box office on the night of the performance. (As cubanmiamiboy pointed out someone might give a ticket back or a reserved ticket will not be collected.) I saw the Stuttgart Giselle last November and I liked it very much. It was my first Giselle so I cannot compare it to other performances but I thought the second Act was absolutely heartbreaking.
  5. Susanna

    Hallo from Frankfurt

    I have been a silent visitor for almost two years and, while very glad to have found your wonderful web page, was a bit reluctant to step out of the dark because I am not sure if my English (no native speaker) will be sufficient. So I apologize for all possible future mistakes. I was eight years old when I watched Sleeping Beauty for the first time in TV and became fascinated with ballet. I love to watch ballet and I am interested in ballet history very much but I never danced myself. Since I moved to Frankfurt (Rhine) I seize the chance to attend performances in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Munich on a more regularly basis. The last ballets I have seen have been La Fille Mal Gardee in Stuttgart and Lady of the Camellias in Hamburg. While participating silently in Ballet Talk over the last two years I received a lot of interesting information, particularly with regard to books and dvds. (Thanks to the person who mentioned Keith Money’s wonderful book on Anna Pavlova.). I am looking forward to learning about a lot more aspects of ballet and I am looking forward to meet you.