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  1. The ABT website has a new site devoted to 'On the Dneiper,' with synopsis, pics, and a rehearsal video! http://www.abt.org/dnieper/ At least the "unorthodox love triangle" (square?) makes sense now...
  2. Thanks to Mme. Hermine for the photos link! Well, it was my first opening night gala (and now my first post! ), and my friend and I were completely blown away! Not just by the fabulous dancing, but also by all the celebrities. (Though I was perhaps most excited to see the lovely Julie Kent sitting just two rows ahead of us!) It was definitely exciting to see Michelle Obama speak, but I was actually surprised how lax security was - I was half-expecting to be thoroughly frisked, or at least have to go through metal detectors or something like that. As for the performance, it was superb! Though I have to agree with Ceeszi and Goldfish17 that the Hancock Piece d'Occasion was a bit of a letdown, and it would have been nice to see Simkin do a little bit more in the finale. I think it might have been better to put the Hancock piece between the "Romeo & Juliet" and "Swan Lake" pieces. I have to admit, I hadn't quite recovered from Vishneva/Gomes' Romeo & Juliet in time to properly enjoy "Swan Lake." This was certainly the highlight for me!!! Though I have to admit, I was quite surprised when Vishneva/Gomes kissed during the curtain call! I'm fairly new to ballet-watching, so I wasn't sure if that was merely a sign of a very close partnership, or if it indicated something about an off-stage romance...? The only other couple who shared a kiss during the curtain call were Gillian and Ethan, and I know they are a well-established off-stage couple... (If anyone has any insight, please let me know!) All in all, it was a most enjoyable evening, and I definitely plan on attending next year!!
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