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  1. Sasha de Sola joined San Francisco Ballet in 2007... one corp member who has caught my eye...
  2. Thanks Bart for a quick reply. Appears you have a very good eye if you spotted Sara Esty early as a corp dancer -- never seen Miami Ballet except on video but I love Dances at a Gathering. Your description of Sara makes me think of another SFB dancer fairly new to the corp: Sasha DeSola. Also like a splash of sunlight. Last program I saw her in was Tomasson's Haffner Symphony (a wonderful piece) and she was in a section (3rd Movement) with three girls and one boy (Vitor Luiz, and I loved the bit where Vitor partnered two of the girls in turn and Sasha comes up and taps him on the shoulder as if to say "Don't forget me!" So charming! Another corp dancer worth mentioning, in that section, and getting a lot of stage time this season, is Dores Andre. If I had to guess I suspect she might be the next girl promoted out of the corp. Oh, and I shouldn't neglect Shannon Roberts (so beautiful) and Courtney Elizabeth. All these girls catch my eye over and over again.
  3. This thread hasn’t been active yet in 2010, but I thought it worth updating to say that Ashley Muangmaithong continues to impress in SFB’s current season. Her long svelte line always draws my eye when she’s dancing, and it seems that she has had more roles this year, so maybe Helgi Tomasson is noticing too. She has a quick attack in allegro pointe work and a wonderfully soft lyrical port de bras. On top of that she can look fashion model stunning just standing, as in the glamorous evening gown costume she wore in The Little Mermaid; in the tight black costume for Zanella’s Underskin she was simply a wow! Maybe, it’s her body type that I’m drawn too, but it’s also that of Yuan Yuan’s, which is probably why I focus in on Ashley too.
  4. There are quite a few YouTube videos of her. This one performing a New Year's Concert with Vladimir Malakhov is quite lovely: Seminova & Malakhov New Year's Concert With such a stunning combination of beauty and technique I'm looking forward to seeing her on new DVDs in the future. Kultur take notice!
  5. Two that have caught my eye lately at SFB are Clara Blanco and Ashley Muangmaithong. Clara was wonderful in a demi-solist role last Saturday in Possokhov's Fusion, holding my attention though dancing alongside Yuan Yuan Tan and Vanessa Zahorian; two dancers who are always riveting. And Ashley has stood out in recent performances with a beautiful line and port de bras that seems to emulate that of Yuan Yuan's. She's one corps member that I'm particularly finding rewarding to watch.
  6. A very interesting discussion which gives me a bit more insight into that ineffable quality some dancers have, and I never know whether to describe it as epaulement or port de bras, but it is a magical way of moving that just rivets my attention. Two dancers have particularly struck me as "having it" -- Yuan Yuan Tan with SF Ballet and the much-missed Alicia Graf with Alvin Ailey. Both have long slender lines and a fluid upper body movement that just seems so into the moment. It particularly shines in their adagio work and I find it exquisitely, heartbreakingly beautiful.
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