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  1. This month's "Dance Europe" features an interview by Jason Beechey with the new Directors of the Royal Ballet of Flanders : not to be missed !
  2. Thank you Alexandra, WOW that was quick !
  3. I know Ben is a former NYCB-soloist (and from my village ) but I lost track of him. I'm sure someone can help me and knows what he's doing now ? thanks !
  4. Please add : "DANCE FOR LIFE" Sunday 22 January 2006, Brussels 4th edition -if I'm not mistaken- and if the casting is as overwhelming as this year : AN ABSOLUTE MUST A matinee in 'Het Koninklijk circus'. More info nearer the time or check yourself : www.theloft.be.
  5. They are a minority, Cathy ! And, overlooked most of the time. It's the region around Eupen.
  6. Leigh, for that you should stay longer than 2 days !!! I wonder why I connect you with lace.... ? To make it more complicated we also have a 'general' government and one for Brussels !
  7. Hi Cathy ! Here is a Belgian balletomane with a weak spot for Dutch National Not that I have seen them often, but they've surely impressed me. I know this place is quiet now, but there are some others around like Marc and Herman who know a lot about the company !
  8. Bart, please take the statement about the 'real' ballet of Flanders with a wink ! It's very uncommon that the Antwerp-based balletcompany opens it's season in Ghent We have a splendid, little operahouse overhere and I prefer it far above the cool and dated Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp or their house-stage. Although carrying the name 'flanders' they mostly perform in Antwerp with some exceptions for other towns. The reason we can find mainly in lack of good accommodation, but since Bruges has the perfect venue for ballet....I wonder why they aren't appearing their ?! The linguistic differenc
  9. Thanks Alexandra, it's simply too hot outside....so I was a bit wandering around on the Net and ofcourse I'm very curious to follow the developments of our only ballet-troupe ! So, don't worry I'll keep you all updated and I'm sure Marc will made more in-depth comments :rolleyes: I agree with Bennetts on her point about the 'gap'. At certain levels and in certain 'environments' there is a huge gap between ballet and contemporary dance. Among the general public I would say it's due to not-knowing and/or lack of interest in what's happening in the whole dance-world. On companies and dancer
  10. Kathryn Bennetts sees a big gap between classical and contemporary dance overhere. She reckon this gap is not as wide in other countries. The fact that the company is called "ballet" gives a too one-sided picture to the public. The company can cope with many different styles and she finds that audiences that only saw contemporary dance in this country have missed out on an important part of the evolution in the balletworld. She will try to make the answer to this.
  11. Marc, there was an interesting interview with Kathryn Bennetts in the weekly "Knack", beginning this month. Under the title "Dans is iets intuïtiefs", the interviewer -Paul Demets- tries to discover the new wind that's going through the company. Bennetts talks about the one-sided view that the public overhere has about ballet and the big gap between classical and contemporary dance. She has been talking with Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker about an eventual cooperation...(oh dear ! :rolleyes: ) It's not a secret that the company will loose some of the dancers, as is common with the installment
  12. Natalia, many thanks for the effort you take to keep us updated ! It's highly appreciated ! Since I'm eagerly waiting for news...it's great to find 'instant-reviews' here
  13. I agree Mashinka. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the performance myself, but I heard enthusiastic reviews from friends who were there and don't have biased views on dancers. Clement Crisp's article is only an aproval of what I've heard. As for Mathieu Ganio and Dorothée Gilbert I prefer that one gave them the TIME to grow and become even more intriguing dancers...and by doing so maybe they can skip all the rubbish that's announced in next year's programme !
  14. Allow me to shed a more balanced light on Thibault's performance and read Clement Crisps comments : http://news.ft.com/servlet/ContentServer?p...p=1016625900929
  15. Herman, so sorry to read about the complete mess ! I doubt you would be more enthusiastic about Sunal in recent years. So far I haven't seen Aki Saito in much classical, but she's a welcome alternative for Sunal to me. And it's hard to believe she was dancing risk-avoiding...I have seen her in better days, that's clear. I will try to see her somewhere in this role though to make up my own point of view and will report They rarely perform with an orchestra and I agree : that's killing !
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