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  1. Im looking forward to seeing herrera & gomez dance this weekend. thoughts? reviews so far? Thanks
  2. maestro

    Most Beautiful Female Dancer(s)

    (Im meant to say krysanova (ekaterina). But shipulina is pretty as well) Thanks again
  3. maestro

    Most Beautiful Female Dancer(s)

    Thanks for the post, its interesting to read peoples opinions Im partial to the beauty of the Bolshoi ballarinas (expecialy since I have tickets to see them perform spartucus in february!!!) My fave beautys are Nina Kaptsova & relative newcomer Ekaterina Shipulina. Stuningly gorgeous P.S. latest issue of Dance Magazine: Whitney Jenson is very beautiful Ballet fan
  4. maestro

    Natalia Osipova & ABT 2009 Season

    I have tickets to see Osipova in Le Corsaire in june, I thinks its the next best role for her after Don Quixote.
  5. maestro

    Michele Wiles

    I saw her dance odette/odille. I think shes the kind of dancer more young people are, and will be fans of in the future. Just my opinion. . . & I'll allways be a fan!