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  1. Yes, the Zoe Anderson book has details of all the RB productions.
  2. I know I have got onto this subject much later than everyone else, but I am currently reading 'The Royal Ballet, 75 Years' by Zoe Anderson. It gives the history of English ballet right through the 20th century, to 2005; obviously it is first and foremost about the Royal Ballet but other ballet companies (both national and international) are put into context alongside this. It is really helping me, as a novice dance fan, to understand how dance has been shaped and formed in the UK, and by whom. The writing is easy, flowing and clear with lots of details but also enough anecdotes and colour to keep you wanting to read on. I'm finding I'm now beginning to make connections between choreographers, directors, companies and dancers and am starting to have some kind of overview of the UK's ballet heritage and its relationship with the rest of the dance world. There's some interesting photos too!
  3. Hi, I am a parent of a serious young ballet student. We live in England. I am very pleased to have found this site and hope to learn lots of useful and interesting things about the world of dance.
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