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  1. Would it be worth starting a forum/list on Ballet Alert where musical pieces are indexed alphabetically alongside ballets known to have been danced to them at some time? Or does such a resource exist elsewhere?
  2. There is a fast food outlet nearby that used to have a large advert on its road-facing wall that said: COACH PARTY'S WELCOME Whenever I entered I expected 52 people to shake my hand.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I wasn't thinking of anyone in particular when I posted the question. I'm new to the study of ballet and in reading around the subject simply gained an impression that some choreos had not been dancers. California's observation that some choreos were not known for their dancing is probably the best answer to my question: it's not that they weren't dancers, more the case that they're known for their choreography.
  4. Some choreographers were dancers before becoming choreos, and some weren't. Do you hard-core balletomanes think that this makes a difference in their works? Would it be noticeable to the dancers? I'm not sufficiently immersed in the art to answer the question myself.
  5. For those who missed it on Christmas Day there's a repeat on Boxing Day at 7pm on BBC4. It looks gorgeous!
  6. Browsing the forum I came upon this old topic and thought I should add a link to it that might extend its life a little. The original poster's link doesn't work, neither does that in the first reply, so I don't know why the OP started the topic, alas. Panfilov's troupe danced here a couple of years ago and were well received and the link above is to a review from then. I certainly enjoyed their show when it passed through my home town. The Big Ballet's own website
  7. Thanks for that, a web search has produced lots of US examples. I can't think of anything like it here in the UK.
  8. What are your opinions on amateur ballet**? All ballet I ever see (not much, alas!) is performed by very competent and experienced paid dancers. Is there room for those performing just because they like to? I believe a Washington Post critic famously likened it to "amateur brain surgery". Considering how many people go through basic dance schools I wonder whether there should be more of a "popular front" in ballet, even if it offends critics. Resisting the urge to say especially if it offends criitcs... ** not to be confused with the annual shows of local dance schools featuring three-year olds in fluffy pink tutus!
  9. johnno

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the welcome Giannina. I live in Blackpool, a seaside resort in the northwest of England. It has two venues that stage ballet: The Grand Theatre and The Opera House. In November we went to the Grand to see a contemporary company, Phoenix Dance Theatre, putting on a mixed bill of shorts. To be truthful I haven't a clue what goes on in contemporary dance - but I don't let that stop me watching it - so I can't offer a review. However I'll point out that the Grand seats 1100 and on the night we went, the last of two, the audience numbered about 60. The Grand may not survive the economic downturn. If that audience is repeated elsewhere neither will the Phoenix. We mostly get touring Russian companies here: Moscow City, Siberia etc., usually at Christmastime. Britain's Northern Ballet Theatre sometimes visit, although it's been a while now. Three or four years ago we had one lot of Russians before Christmas at the Grand doing Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker, and another lot of Russians a week or so after Christmas at the Opera House doing - you guessed! - Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker. Not the most imaginative programming perhaps. This year's offerings over a week in January were Swanny, Nutty and Coppelia. I would have gone to Coppelia but my girlfriend Carole was getting over the flu and had a persistent cough that she wasn't keen to inflict on other paying customers. The most recent ballet we saw was BalletLORENT's Angelmoth. I loved it. Carole wasn't so keen - not enough posh tutus for her taste. I've never been to the Royal Ballet, despite having lived in London for six years. Given that it mostly employs foreign dancers I'm none to keen to be subsidising it through taxes.
  10. johnno

    Hello everyone

    I live in England and go to the ballet: that says it all at present. I'm pleased to be here as I've been lurking for a while wondering what I can bring to the party. I guess I'll think of something; for now, "Hi!" John.
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