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  1. Hmmmm Well i still have to say i saw what i saw! I dont think she is too tall or anything but in the clip i saw she did look a little out of shape and as i said there were technical faults and artistically i would have complaints but artistry is a very personal thing! I tried to watch the other clips but i couldnt i will try again though:-)!
  2. I know this is an old thread but i just saw a clip of her on you tube. It was some gala thing she was doing. I have to say it was odd. Her feet were terrible ! Her pointe is awful. I mean really bad she slipped like three times! In fairness she did not fall. Her toe point was bad and she seemed clumsy at times. Her back seemed stiff. Her port de bras was well strange! Her extensions were very very good though, good line with good height. One things was strange she she not seem to be able to turn or spin at all really well. And i am sorry she did seem a bit out of shape to me in the
  3. Interstingly in opera the term repetituer is used also:-) But in that case is is not used for someone who has sung to role but rather it is a unique profession in itself where there is specific training in musicianship and languages and piano to help teach the nuances of a role to a singer:-) oper companies have inhouse repetituers usually. I know its not ballet but i thought i was intresting:-)
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