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  1. Thank you ! I think the cast for the 4th Movement and Finale was changed as well.
  2. I attended the gala tonight - it was absolutely wonderful. However, the order of performances was changed in the second half and a Swan Lake performance was added. I would like to know who the dancers were in the added piece - can anyone tell me ? They were not listed on the printed program or the SF Ballet website cast listing. Thank you !
  3. I will be in NYC next week and might try to see Romeo and Juliet while there, if I can get good seats. I am not familiar with the ABT performers though I am sure they are all fantastic. (I am from the SF Bay area and just started attending SF Ballet the last couple of years). I would love to know if a particular cast or dancer is what I should try for especially -- so I can trade off the date / seat availability. While Wed, July 8th evening works best for my schedule - I could also consider the Wed matinee or July 10th Thursday evening if the reason was strong enough. Thanks for your help.
  4. I will be in Paris with a friend this March and would love to see the Paris Opera Ballet. Is there a trick to obtaining tickets ? Their website says no free tickets on every date I tried. Many years ago, I was in Paris during the summer and managed to see a show by waiting in a long line for returned tickets the night of the performance. Is that the only way if the site shows no availability ? Thanks, Sandy
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    Hi Gianna - Thanks for the welcome and great suggestions. I do feel very fortunate to have access to the San Francisco Ballet. I attended the gala last night because of a friend's encouragement and was that ever a feast for the eyes - one virtuoso performance after another ! Best, Sandy
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    Hello - I am a ballet lover but not that knowledgable about the art. I hope to learn much more by attending the San Francisco Ballet and from the people in this forum. In March I will be in Paris with a friend who also loves ballet. We would love to see the Paris Ballet if possible. Does anyone know how to obtain tickets ? Their website shows no ticket availability. Thanks, Sandy
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