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  1. That is just charming -- I had forgotten that sequence!
  2. Even if your community closed off public events tomorrow, it sounds like CB got more performances of this rep than SFB did! I think Upper Room is quintessential Tharp does ballet -- kinesthetically thrilling and intellectually challenging. Always glad to see it, and to hear that others get the chance as well.
  3. Glad to see how other communities are dealing with this challenge. Gary Tucker, press rep for Pacific Northwest Ballet, was quoted in the Guardian about their response to the state closing all events over 250 people as of today -- the company was set to open tomorrow with a double bill of Alejandro Cerrudo and David Dawson. The tentative plan is to create some kind of online screening for ticket holders, but the details are still being worked out.
  4. I agree, this is a good moment for a paradigm shift, but when you start something like this, you want to make sure to pull in a large group to start -- maybe a "this time for free" version? I'd certainly pay to see SFB in Midsummer (after those reviews, and plus, they're dancing in PNB's sets and costumes...), but you need many more than me!
  5. Considering the state of the world, I thought this might be a pleasant moment for a few of you. Not ballet, but a tap dancing Alan Alda, about 20 years ago, dancing with his granddaughter. Short and sweet.
  6. On the boards, which presents avant garde work in Seattle, has a video streaming component that features works that they have presented over the years. As part of their attempt to help keep performing arts in the mix while we're all avoiding large groups during this COVID-19 outbreak, they're offering free access to their streaming service. From their press release: Here’s how individuals may access free rentals: Choose a performance on https://www.ontheboards.tv/ Pick the 48-hour rental option, then add to your cart (you can do this with as many films as you like) Go to Checkout Enter your name and email address Use the promo code ARTATHOME20 If you're interested in Crystal Pite, her "Dark Materials" is here.
  7. I saw some of Adams' work early in her choreographic career and liked it a great deal -- I thought she was working with the vocabulary in a smart way. And Sheldrake is indeed big fun! I love this work -- I'll be curious to hear what you have to say.
  8. Here is the gist of the press release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT FOR PUBLICATION: PNB Box Office, 206.441.2424 or PNB.org Pacific Northwest Ballet announces cancellation of performances at McCaw Hall. ONE THOUSAND PIECES March 13 – 22, 2020 Beauty and the Beast March 15 – 22 SEATTLE, WA, 3/11/20 – In light of Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s press conference regarding health and safety efforts around the COVID-19 pandemic, Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Artistic Director Peter Boal and Executive Director Ellen Walker have announced that the organization is cancelling its upcoming performances of ONE THOUSAND PIECES, and Beauty and the Beast. Ticket holders will receive an email today about their cancelled performances. Due to high demands on our staff, we are hoping that ticket holders will review that email before reaching out to the box office. (Following earlier guidelines by Seattle Public Schools regarding outside activities, PNB previously cancelled the March 21 Discover Dance Community Performance, featuring students from Daniel Bagley Elementary, Eastgate Elementary, Graham Hill Elementary, Thurgood Marshall Elementary, REACH Student Dance Group, and PNB company dancers.) “PNB’s audience is of paramount importance to us: having watched these exquisite programs take shape over the past several weeks, cancelling these performances is heartbreaking, but an understandable mandate,” said Mr. Boal and Ms. Walker. “Non-profit organizations like PNB have no contingency budgets in the case of civil emergencies like this one; our resources overwhelmingly go to producing work on stage, and the impact of these cancellations will be devastating. We are hopeful that many of our devoted subscribers and ticket buyers realize what effect this situation has on everyone at PNB – dancers, musicians, artisans, staff, students and faculty – and will consider donating the cost of their tickets as a gift for which we will issue a tax receipt. "Additionally, as a small consolation, our wonderful dancer, musician, stage, and other unions, as well as the choreographers and designers, have agreed to let the dress rehearsals of these programs be streamed online for our ticket buyers. We hope the audiences who were looking forward to attending the performances at McCaw Hall can find some joy and comfort in being able to watch these lovely performances from home. More details will be forwarded to subscribers and ticket-buyers about this special online opportunity in the coming days. “We are more committed than ever to bringing great art back to our stage as soon as possible. We are so thankful for your patronage and understanding, and we look forward to seeing you back at the ballet soon." The PNB School (with locations in Seattle and Bellevue) remains open at this time, however we expect broad announcements about public school district closures shortly, and those decisions will affect the operation of our school. PNB will continue to update its response to COVID-19 on its website at PNB.org/Health. # # # Everything is subject to change. For further information, please visit PNB.org. PACIFIC NORTHWEST BALLET 301 Mercer Street Seattle, WA 98109 206.441.2424 www.PNB.org
  9. Just got the press release with the announcement that all of the performances for March (Discover Dance and Beauty and the Beast, as well as the Dawson/Cerrudo program) are cancelled. The PNB website is slammed right now, so I'll paste the release into a separate topic, but just want to point out that they will be streaming the dress rehearsal of the program for ticket holders. Not sure about the mechanics, but am so glad they are able to pull that out of the fire.
  10. I didn't think about access for the performers -- I don't know what their guidelines are. (not to mention what they're union contracts do to protect them in cases like these)
  11. Your description of the plot reminded me of Candide, where all kinds of big and complex things happen one on top of the other, but in most productions I know, that's played a bit satirically. I find it interesting that Ratmansky chose such a plotty story for a 21st c production. And your observation about Callirhoe's general lack of interior qualities makes me think as well -- we read about Helen of Troy's beauty, and it still seems like an external quality, but contemporary treatments of her keep trying to give her inner life ("how does she feel, what does she think"). The general culture is in the middle of a paradigm shift about the value of physical attributes -- I'm curious to see how this will be reflected in the art work we make. But your comment about the amount of solo dancing made me smile -- very glad to hear about a program-length work with lots of opportunities up and down the casting chart!
  12. I'm wishing that organizations that find themselves in this position (and there will be more and more of them) can find a way to run some kind of live-stream or other web-based video programming, to keep their connection with their audiences alive during all this trouble.
  13. I've seen a big chunk of his work as an actor, as well as a director -- I think he would be excellent in a role like this.
  14. If you're not familiar with it, Joseph Mazo's "Dance is a Contact Sport" is a backstage look at NYCB during the season when Robbins made "In the Night" -- well worth the read.
  15. I know the least about the Wheeldon, and and very curious to hear more.
  16. Absolutely. Forsythe is working from a neo-classical base, for all that he stretches it as far as he possibly can.
  17. Forsythe does seem to favor hot light from above, without as much side light as I'm accustomed to, so I miss the sculptural aspects that the sides provide. But even so, I love his work, especially the density and the clarity. I had a chance to watch Vertiginous in rehearsal when it was staged on Pacific Northwest Ballet, and was gobsmacked at how classical it was, despite the velocity. It was indeed thrilling. Glass Pieces has a wonderful sense of going, and it really makes me think about the early post-modernists and their commitment to pattern. It sounds like a great program!
  18. I was thinking about Francois Hollande, and the unexpected objections to his relationship with Julie Gayet, but that was several years ago. Not really that germane to the topic here.
  19. I think we may be talking about two separate people.
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