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  1. I remember the early days, though, when we had no idea how you contracted it, and what constituted being contagious -- it felt very similar to things right now, where we're still not sure when people are "shedding virus" and if you're truly immune after recovery. Please know how much admiration we all have for you, and for your colleagues everywhere, and how grateful we all are for the work you do. Stay safe, and keep letting us know how you're doing.
  2. Realized a few days ago that the video of Empire Noir is likely the last time I'll see Ben Griffiths perform -- his opening solo was just fantastic.
  3. Saw this above your note about the new artistic director -- now I'm sad all over again.
  4. And this is one of the reasons that it will take some big muscle and money to release all the Dance in America programs -- those contracts were written for the times, with the expectation that they would be for a single broadcast -- the multiple unions and rights-holders would ostensibly all have to sign off on anything further.
  5. I've been occupied elsewhere, and so haven't been following along here very regularly. Just read through this whole thread, and it's a pocket history of such a miserable situation. Still, I'm so proud of the dance community and the way they are stepping up to the challenge of shifting their lives online. It can't last for very long, but still -- such a resilient response!
  6. New York Theater Ballet has posted video of some of their Tudor repertory. Password is NYTB Judgment of Paris - https://vimeo.com/67469744 Soirée Musicale - https://vimeo.com/104752922 Jardin aux Lilas - https://vimeo.com/180424486 Dark Elegies - https://vimeo.com/143907110 Romeo & Juliet - https://vimeo.com/398616386
  7. The symposium is cancelled as well -- I am so sad about this.
  8. Oh, me too. I'm hoping that some of these events can make a reappearance in the near future...
  9. I love the slice of life there, with the dogs clamoring on the sideline!
  10. Bumping this back up to the top of the queue, for obvious reasons. We're not going out, so I propose we make a virtue of necessity -- here's my request. Let's talk about programming. Your idea of a wonderful evening in the theater, the special qualities of your local company/audience, a great program that has stuck with you for years, common errors you see companies make -- what have I missed here? I'll go wash my hands, and come back to add my thoughts.
  11. My social media feeds are full of teachers migrating their studio practice to the internet. Yoga, martial arts, Pilates, ballet, modern, hip hop -- even Kate Wallich, a local dance artist who runs a weekly "everyone come" practice called Dance Church, is streaming like mad. Hoping that we learn some lessons about outreach from this, when we're back on a more even keel.
  12. We were talking about this at dinner last night -- between the folks who are working from home, and need a higher/faster level of connection than normal; the kids, from pre-K to grad school, who have been migrated to online learning without any real prep time; people who are trying to stay close to home and so are teaching themselves to use online shopping tools; and all of us who want more information about these untested times -- this is a real time stress test of our online infrastructure. If we're lucky, nothing will collapse. If we're smart, we'll take this as a big nudge from the gods to improve the network, and expand access.
  13. I'm assuming that the Giselle Symposium, scheduled for the second week of the run, will be cancelled as well.
  14. Boggs is a great interview here, and there's a lot going on, but I just loved his comment -- when CB first contact him with the idea that he could come interview for the directorship, he turns to his wife and asked "Where is (area code) 303?"
  15. Damn -- I hadn't thought about visa and work permit issues, but this could really bollux up a lot of artists.
  16. I'm wondering as well. It's such a huge undertaking -- I have a feeling they will push hard to keep it open.
  17. I don't know how much income they'll be able to generate from this, at least at the beginning, but it's an excellent way to reach a larger audience. Being a lemonade from lemons kind of person, I'm hoping that this will give arts organizations a nudge to think more creatively about the technology.
  18. I'm hoping that this experience will create positive change there.
  19. They worked together in Peter Pan, and he did many things like this as a young man at Camp Tamiment (not sure about spelling).
  20. Pacific Northwest Ballet is trying to pull something like this together for its ticket holders, but like many organizations, they don't have a lot of resources to turn on a dime.
  21. This is making me cry -- I was really looking forward to Dorrance's show here in Seattle.
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