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SARABOSSE...CARABOSSE...We are the same...This year I am only doing the role of Carabosse...A HUGELY different experience since for the last 16 years I have opened with Lilac Fairy. The last time we did this production ( 2 years ago), I knew that would be the last time I experienced Lilac Fairy, it was in my gut. My journey was done & time for others to step in. People say they don’t enjoy the role, People that haven’t done it say “people” hate doing it, yes everyone has their own opinions and feelings, but it was truly ONE OF MY FAVORITE & MOST CHERISHED ROLES OF MY CAREER. It’s the role that got me my Apprenticeship with NYCB. I took immense pride in it, knowing the job I had to do for the ballet itself, without the Lilac Fairy, you have no story, She makes it all happen. I loved the steps, the pantomime, the story, the costume, all of it. I miss it a lot but I had an amazing run & hope to guide others in their journey. As a dear friend jokes with me “always the Lilac, Never the Aurora”...AND I AM PERFECTLY & COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH THAT!!! Amazing makeup by @ehlieluna #sarabosse #lilacfairy #sleepingbeauty #nycballet @nycballet #pride #happy #ballerina #acting #storyballet #ballet #journey

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