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To my amazing followers- Thank you all for being so patient with me through the last couple months. I know I disappeared for a good long while, and I am SO grateful that you all have stuck with me. I am now able to share that I am no longer married. I don’t wish to give any further details, but it was a heartbreaking, humiliating, and blindsiding process. However, I DO wish to share some thoughts with all of you. Even through this horrible time, I learned many valuable lessons. I learned that I was much stronger that I thought I was. I learned I was still valuable. I was still worthy. I still had things to offer. I still mattered. I was still beautiful. And that I was still loved. I learned that “this too shall pass”. As someone who has lived through more than one trial in life, I want to tell you this: No matter what you are going through, there are people who still love and support you. No matter what your circumstances may look like, you are still worthy, valuable, and beautiful. I am here today with a wonderful career, amazing viewers and followers who inspire me daily, an incredible platform to help the next generation of dancers, a loving family (that includes 2 adorable pups), and wonderful friends. So I can honestly say that I am truly blessed. Much love and gratitude to you all. ❤️ Katie PC: the amazing Taken 7/28/18

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