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from time to time, life likes to remind us just how much can change in a day. personally, I don’t love it but I am so thankful for all the love from everyone after this freak incident. especially thankful for @peteraltubewalker (although sick as hell) and @matttolstoy who sat with me at every appointment as well as all day AND even watched moana with me. but also, i feel like I did you the real favor there, matt. anyway, injuries suck but luckily my foot was strong enough not to break or tear but just sprain despite the blunt force of the moment. I’ll be back soon. in the meantime, merde to all of my @nycballet family. continue to bring down the house every night 💕 . . . . . 📷 @aundre @whitneymuseum @camerasanddancers

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