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Can’t believe this was already 10 yrs ago when Mimi Paul and me were invited by the Balanchine Archive (this was still in the days when Martins didn’t invite originators of roles to pass on what Balanchine taught us...Grrr) to coach Megan Fairchild and Jared Angle (was supposed to be Joaquin DeLuz but he was injured) VALSE FANTAISIE which Mimi and I premiered. Here I must issue Jared a big public apology. I told him to not be so lyrical on the pique arabesque, even though when I reviewed myself in the Berlin filming that is EXACTLY what I did. I remembered too late to tell Jared why I did that. I was simply way off balance on that step. Normally I did “perch” but in Berlin I was falling so I decided to make something out of it. Now I understand why he looked at me like I was crazy when I told him to do something exactly opposite of how I did it. I’m sorry Jared. I hadn’t reviewed the Berlin film so was just going on muscle memory. I was also a bit hyper because I was overjoyed being able to teach these kids what Balanchine taught me. It’s the ONLY way to really pass these ballets on. @jaredanglenyc @mfairchild17 @mpaul77 @macofumi @joaquindeluz @roman.julian.mejia @caroledharting @spappajohn13 @barbaravogelstein @hans_anderson_ #valsefantaisie #balanchine #nycballet #ballet

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