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Company bows on Saturday 16 evening after American Ballet Theatre’s production of Kenneth MacMillan’s “Romeo and Juliet” at the Metropolitan Opera House, with Nicholas Georgiadis’s costumes and his modernist-Romanesque decor for the final crypt scene. Left to right: Paris (Blaine Hoven), Lady Capulet (Devon Teuscher), Lord Capulet (Roman Zhurbin), Tybalt (Thomas Forster), Friar Laurence (Alexei Agoudine), Nurse (Nancy Raffa), Benvolio (Calvin Royal III). They’re joined by, first, Jeffrey Cirio (Mercutio), then by Isabella Boylston (Juliet) and David Hallberg (Romeo). Most of them have played other roles in “Romeo”: Boylston was a Harlot before she was Juliet, Hallberg was Paris and Benvolio before he was Romeo, Teuscher made her debut as Juliet on Wednesday, and has been both a Harlot and Rosaline’s Friend..., and so on. (Aran Bell, who was Teuscher’s Romeo, has been back in corps roles in the Verona piazza scenes.) Even after the departure of Marcelo Gomes and during the long injury of the much-missed Alban Lendorf, and even now that the fabulous Herman Cornejo no longer dances Mercutio (a mistake - I remember both Anthony Dowell and David Wall alternating as Mercutio and Romeo in their thirties at the heights of their fame), Ballet Theatre remains mightily well stocked with male dancers. It’s been fielding four excellent interpreters of the role: Cirio by no means least. Saturday 16 June.

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