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Ya know, I was going to protest tonight at the opening of @westsidestorybway because you shouldn’t be on a playbill; you should be on a sex offender list. I’m not protesting because it’s my best friend’s 25th birthday and her life is more important to me than anything you could ever do or be involved in. Many people are wondering, “if he’s working still, he must not have done anything wrong.” No. The District Attorney of NYC looked into my case, conducting a criminal investigation and similarly to how the DA handled the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, they’re claiming there’s not enough to prosecute the case with. They couldn’t “find” the photos and conversations that were taken and sent after the “revenge porn” law was signed in, in 2018 (although there were laws criminalizing this conduct which were passed in 2014 by Cuomo.) Here are some of those snapshots, time stamped and dated. The photos exist. They make you and Chase and several others, criminals. You have manipulated the women you violated into claiming they consented when, even if they had consented to you taking photos, they were unaware of them being sent. If unaware of the activity, how could she have consented? In your conversations w chase, you asked for the images of me, that I didn’t know existed. You encouraged, fostered, and condoned these abuses. Even if you manage to escape the criminal justice system you will NEVER escape google. So good luck tonight, this could be your last debut. Literally break a fucking leg. Until court in January👋🏼 Xx

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