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  2. Thanks for letting us know Roberta. If anyone is interested in going, here's the information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-hall-of-fame-induction-ceremony-tickets-70287079547
  3. Maybe. One oddity is the overlap in casts - some of the dancers in the film are also cast in the stage production. (The other oddity is Spielberg reaching out to Puerto Rican activist groups to assure them of a respectful representation of their culture, then casting non-Puerto Ricans in the leading Puerto Rican roles.)
  4. You are correct - in economic terms, only a handful of shows are truly successful. If you make a career in theater, there will be occasions when you pour your heart, soul and body into a beautiful work that does not run. I've done that, and while I can look back in pride at having been part of the creation of a work of art, it didn't change the fact that the investors lost their money and I was out of a job. Some shows fail on Broadway but succeed in regional productions. Seussical and Be More Chill are two of the most produced works in the US. But those are original musicals. The Van Hove De Keersmaeker West Side Story may do very well on a national tour, but odds are against it running a long time on Broadway, as they are for every show.
  5. Oooops my mistake, Peck is doing the choreography. While I would have preferred Robbins, Peck works for me as I enjoy most of his work. Yes, and yes.
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  7. I found the link to the documentary, with English subtitles, no less: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX8b1d0MzyE
  8. Thank you. I am going to see if I can trace Lyudmila's lineage as well. I had only been able to find information about Aleksandr, so this is one generation further (if accurate). I very much appreciate the help.
  9. Did you see this? https://beautifulrus.com/agrippina-vaganova-queen-of-variations/ From this: Personal life Vaganova connected her life with the tsarist army colonel Andrei Alexandrovich Pomerantsev. The marriage was not official, as Pomerantsev didn’t divorce his first wife. In 1904 Agrippina gave birth to their son Alexander. You know, Vaganova’s granddaughter Lyudmila also became a ballet dancer. Like anything else from the internet, take such information with care, doing your own research. The article mentions a 2010 Russian documentary, Agrippina Vaganova: The Great & The Terrible, which may be the source for the above info? It may be interesting to track that doc. YouTube? Adding: The tsarist army colonel, Andrei Alexandrovich, may have been connected to the famous architect Alexander Pomerantsev, who would have been old enough to have been Andrei's father. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Pomerantsev
  10. The entire Schedrin-Bizet work is about 45 minutes long so, with one intermission, there must also be a divertissement of 30+ minutes. If the advertisement promises a tribute to Plisetskaya, then there surely will be a Dying Swan too?
  11. Iain Webb, AD of Sarasota Ballet, sent the following message to company patrons - Ashton to be inducted into the National Hall of Fame and Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, NY: https://mailchi.mp/sarasotaballet/museum-of-dance-hall-of-fame?e=a6dedc88ec Webb will accept the award on behalf of the Ashton family.
  12. Won't the Broadway version have about a year head start on the film? The film could even increase the audience for the show--lots of people seem to want to see the Broadway Disney musicals when they could easily stay home and watch the movies and just by generating more buzz about WSS in general. Also, isn't Justin Peck the choreographer for the movie?
  13. I thought Peck was doing the choreography for the film? Or is he just staging the Robbins? (Hope it’s the latter)
  14. Good point. I just hope it's not too weird. At least the film with have Robbins choreography.
  15. If the critics and a “large segment of the public” consider it a triumph, is the show then not a success? Is longevity the only factor in determining something’s success? If that was the case, only a handful of shows would truly be successful.
  16. But this production of WSS has Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker as the choreographer. It could be very strange to say the least . But I’m assuming the Robbins Trust had to approve it.
  17. Because four out of five Broadway productions do not succeed. I'm speaking from a business point of view. Like many a show before it, the critics and a large segment of the public may consider it an artistic triumph, but with its large cast, it may be unsustainable over the long run. West Side Story is now a classic. Whether on stage or film, it has a fan base that loves Jerome Robbins' original conception. When done well, it's exciting to see his choreography danced by today's young dancers, especially as there are now plenty of Latino artists to cast as the Sharks. (Although it must be said that, like black Americans regarding Porgy and Bess, many Puerto Ricans have a love-hate relationship with WSS and resent that the best known, best loved representation of their ethnicity is a show that casts them as knife-wielding gang members.) I hope that Amar Ramasar can use WSS as a springboard to new endeavors, as I suspect he will not be offered a new contract with NYCB. (I'd love to be proved wrong.)
  18. Hopefully he'll hang on for a bit longer as he's still dancing beautifully.
  19. Why do you truly doubt the show will succeed? As far as projecting whether a show which has not premiered yet will have a decent run, it looks like the the advance sales are very high. I already have tickets for the show, but decided to get another set for an earlier date, and I'm having trouble getting anything decent before February. While I agree that there is nothing wrong with the original film (which I love and have watched a million times), what's wrong with having another version with today's dancers? Film and stage are two completely different forms of entertainment. I attend Broadway shows much more frequently than the movies. Also, movies can be seen worldwide, but this show is in NYC. So while they are being done simultaneously, IMO it's unlikely that they'll be competing for an audience. Ramasar has not been holding up and coming men so you should have been seeing them anyway. If the AD deems fit to cast them, then he will. I just saw Preston Chamblee in a principal role a few days ago, and he was gorgeous.
  20. Yes, Maria was sublime. I hope to see more of her in the future.
  21. Yes, now that you mention it, I checked my notes...during the adagio, as she went into the first of two supported turns a-la-seconde, she stumbled when her foot hit him in "a tender spot"...but of course it was he who failed to get out of the way! The repetition, 10 seconds later, went much smoother. This reminds me of Balanchine's pdd for Liberty Bell and El Capitan in Stars & Stripes...El Capitan almost makes a joke of stepping way back every time that Liberty Bell's foot comes close to him in a supported pirouette...he jerks way back in a funny manner 3 or 4 times. Xander needs to study the Stars & Stripes pdd for some pointers!
  22. So helpful. Thank you, Mme P. Well, we guessed Drigo correctly! How a military-style mazurka tune fits into VESTALKA (set in ancient Rome, Vestal Virgins and what not) is beyond me but, hey, that's 19-C Imperial Russian ballet for you.
  23. Since dancers at NYCB are on short-term contracts, the only determination they had to show was not offering him a new contract. Not exactly a hard bar.
  24. I agree with you. I doubt that this stage version will last for a full year. I don't interpret Ramasar's words as indicative of a permanent departure. He is merely expressing his thanks to people in the company, thereby demonstrating that his mandatory sensitivity training has paid off.
  25. If Ramasar was leaving the company, wouldn’t he be given a farewell since he is a principal? Or would the scandal obfuscate that?
  26. For Ramasar's sake I hope West Side Story has a decent run, but I truly doubt that it will succeed. With the Spielberg film version coming, could be that the public is not in the mood for yet another WSS, especially since there's nothing wrong with the original. At any rate, I doubt that Ramasar will dance with NYCB again. I'm sure TPTB were determined to get rid of him by not renewing his contract after the humiliation of losing the AGMA arbitration.
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