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  2. Since this is for Cornejo’s anniversary, there aren’t a lot of seats left as it is (I just checked). I’d be thrilled if Lane was put in. She should have been cast all along. Duh. I’m really tired of seeing her being relegated to a second class principal aka understudy to Copeland. Yep. She was just in Fall for Dance at City Center in a piece by Kyle Abraham. I didn’t see it so I don’t know how demanding it was.
  3. I had the same thought (as I suspect many others have as well). I count on my fellow BA members to post the news ASAP if there is a replacement, so that I can get a ticket.
  4. Am I correct that the only other role Copeland is scheduled for during the Koch season besides Terpsichore is Deuce Coupe - a non-ballet role? I would be thrilled if Lane replaced Copeland in Apollo. Unfortunately, we won't know if there will actually be a replacement until shortly before showtime.
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  6. Very demoralizing. I hope she knows how much the audience loves her.
  7. Even Suzanne Farrell has said that there's been too much sameness in body type since Balanchine died, which implies that there was more variety before he died. When I read Danchig-Waring's reference to "double-barreled," I immediately though of "barrel-chested": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel_chest
  8. I hope it’s been successful so far. I’ve seen some lovely posts on their Instagram account and look forward to see Torriente and Baca and the cast interpretations tonight!
  9. Different strokes, I guess, because I was there, and I was completely miserable. If not for Yevseyeva's Gulnare, I probably would have thrown in the towel, expensive ticket be damned. She was the only one who was really dancing and not engaging in circus tricks, contortions, arabesques rammed into the spine or messy footwork.
  10. Annaewgn, tonight they were Renata Shakirova, Maria Shkiliarova and May Nagahisa and they all did very well. It was a very, very fine evening. I might call it monumental in feeling. Alina Somova was an excellent example of how with maturity comes artistry. Her character/portrayal was outstanding. Her characterisation was so developed that I hardly recognised her. Her dancing was very well crafted. Again, I might use the words monumental — and absolutely brilliant. And, yes, once again — Kimin Kim. Three nights ago he was performing in St. Petersburg. Tonight, I think that he was here. I did notice flashes of light crossing the stage and sailing overhead. He was amazing as usual. Considering all the ground that he had to cover in the last several days, even more amazing. His characterisation was excellent. He also had herculean feats to perform and he did these, yes — amazingly. As hoped for, Nadezhda Batoeva once again crafted a completely new and highly impressive package to complement Alina Somova and then performed a very fine and lovely duet. The Shades were mesmerizing. Very fine performances by everyone. I also recall that I saw a La Bayadere at the Mikhailovsky when I was in St. Petersburg this year. The company might not be comparable to the Mariinsky or Bolshoi overall, but it was a delightfully fresh, vibrant and embraceable evening that I considered one of the most enjoyable that I’ve ever experienced.
  11. Folks, I'm sorry to say that it has happened again...Sarah Lane has once again been demoted to Copeland's understudy. According to Shevchenko's Pointe Magazine takeover on Instagram stories, today (or yesterday rather) Copeland, Cornejo and Lane all had a rehearsal together for Apollo. Clearly Lane is understudying Copeland's part. Many of us thought it strange that Lane was not included in Cornejo's anniversary celebration. This reveal that Lane is once again being made to understudy Copeland indicates a strong possibility that management is behind Lane's absence from the anniversary. Management forced Lane to be Copeland's personal understudy last season and now it is happening again...clearly Lane can dance this role in Apollo. She is being kept from it deliberately for some strange reason. The argument that she is already dancing other roles doesn't hold up, because I'm sure she would rather be a part of Cornejo's anniversary. Despite Cornejo's fondness for Brandt and Trenary, I can't see him choosing them over his long partnership with Lane. Okay, rant over. I just get so frustrated when I see that Lane is still being held back. Perhaps all of this rant is completely off the mark, I don't have all the facts, but it rankles me when I see that Lane is again assigned Copeland's understudy. Why not another dancer? Why not give Lane the role herself? The link for a screenshot is below. https://mobile.twitter.com/bwayfangurl/status/1184701508627156992?s=21
  12. Right. I think that in itself is a type of (implicit) comment, of a sort.
  13. Dying to hear about the new Tharp... Tharp-Kamali-Tipton dream team!
  14. I don’t think he was making any kind of comment. He finds AD-W’s name difficult to pronounce so instead he calls him Double-Barreled, probably because he thinks it’s witty because his surname is literally a double-barreled surname.
  15. Maybe just by me! (And Adrian, it would seem.) Thanks for the link. I guess in my experience such names are common enough that I just wouldn't ever think to comment on them in the way Macaulay has, then.
  16. Yes. I didn’t think it was unknown. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-barrelled_name
  17. Oh ok. I just looked more into the thread and he explains his last name this way: adrianclay @susanbarbash Danchig is inherited from my Jewish maternal side from (roughly) Lithuania. Waring is from the Mayflower-adjacent English folks on my father’s side.
  18. This old thread from his promotion to soloist seems to suggest that Clay is his middle name and what he uses in place of a last name on social media:
  19. This is an idiom you’ve heard before?
  20. Could it have been a snide referral to Adrian using Danchig-Waring as his surname when I believe his legal name is Adrian Clay?
  21. Honestly I don’t think “double-barreled” was meant as any kind of description for AD-W at all, I think “double-barreled” is just a term for that type of surname. For example Jackson-Barrett is double-barreled surname.
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  23. Maybe for Macaulay it has class associations as it once did in England: Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady or, differently, in France, solid 19 century middle class: Cartier-Bresson. Though it's far more common and accepted now in the US than it once was. It could also be a gun metaphor, like double barrel shotgun. (Interesting how many of those sayings remain in circulation despite all the gun violence in the past ten years, such as: in last night's Democratic debate someone "gunning" for something, having "someone in your sights," or "pulling the trigger," that is bidding on ebay.)
  24. Thank you for the link....
  25. Also, Macaulay has something of a history of odd and at times unseemly comments on physical details. So no surprise if he isn’t given the benefit of the doubt. Plus it’s kind of just a (IMO) dumb nickname. It sounds nothing at all like AD-W’s name and just seems....a bit weird. (And really, you can’t pronounce Danchig-Waring?)
  26. Without Danchig-Waring’s comment I wouldn’t have associated “double-barreled” with his physique at all, but rather his strength and power. But ballet dancers are understandably a lot more sensitive about their body images than the general public, and a great many have suffered from some kind of eating disorder. So even if it wasn’t meant as body shaming, Macaulay should definitely not have so flippantly nicknamed him.
  27. To be fair, we truly don't know what Macaulay meant by "Double-Barrelled" and Danchig-Waring himself says he's not sure if it's intended as a comment about his physique. It could be a compliment, an insult or just plain dumb. But it obviously triggered what I think is a perfectly valid response. I do find Danchig-Waring to have one of the most strikingly beautiful and distinctive physiques at NYCB. After hearing for years that Balanchine established the aesthetic for thin, willowy dancers, I was amazed when I first started watching old videos of NYCB and saw such a diversity of body types represented, and far fewer women who were stick thin than we might see today.
  28. THE ROYAL DANISH OPERA HOUSE October 30–November 2 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2019 8:00 PM Romeo: Carlo Di Lanno Juliet: Mathilde Froustey Mercutio: Joseph Walsh Benvolio: Max Cauthorn Tybalt: Luke Ingham THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2019 8:00 PM Romeo: Angelo Greco Juliet: Misa Kuranaga Mercutio: Esteban Hernandez Benvolio: Hansuke Yamamoto Tybalt: Daniel Deivison-Oliveira FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2019 8:00 PM Romeo: Carlo Di Lanno Juliet: Mathilde Froustey Mercutio: Joseph Walsh Benvolio: Max Cauthorn Tybalt: Luke Ingham SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2019 1:00 PM Romeo: Angelo Greco Juliet: Misa Kuranaga Mercutio: Esteban Hernandez Benvolio: Hansuke Yamamoto Tybalt: Daniel Deivison-Oliveira https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting/
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