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  2. Thanks, abatt, maybe I’ll check out one of those shows. JuliaJ: the rep programs usually don’t sell extremely well, but imo they should have chosen much better programming after a 2 year hiatus. If they had done a week of Swan Lake instead it probably would have nearly sold out. I am all for mixed rep programs in addition to the classics, but they, like every other business right now, are desperate for cash. Understandably, maybe lack of rehearsal time coupled with getting dancers back into performance shape made that unrealistic. They performed some of these rep pieces on tour this summer so that may have been the easiest choice. If that’s the case, doing SL instead of Giselle might have made more financial sense.
  3. I'm so happy they're putting on Giselle, but it's a shame they couldn't come up with more appealing programs for the second week. Pretty typical for ABT's fall season, unfortunately. NYCB even struggled to fill l the house for some programs this fall so I'm not surprised that ABT is running into similar issues with their much-less-exciting mixed-rep shows. Looking forward to Pillar of Fire though. And maybe the Jessica Lang/Tony Bennett number will be ....entertaining?
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  5. LA Music Center Dance has announced a very limited offering for 2021-22: Hamburg Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Pacific Northwest -- commencing in March 2022. https://www.musiccenter.org/tickets/events-by-the-music-center/glorya-kaufman-dance/
  6. This topic is planned to be about females involved with the film industry, such as directors, writers, actresses, female characters and plots that feature females. As with the other topics I encourage people to contribute to this. According to USC Annenberg’s Inclusion in the Director’s Chair, only 4.8% of directors of the 1,300 top grossing films from 2007 to 2019 were women. A sign of hope is that in 2019 this percentage was 10.6% a record over those 13 years. However, the previous record was 8.0% in 2008 after which the percentage dropped to a low of 1.9% in 2013 and 2014, so this improvement may not be long lasting. I believe that women are just as talented, if given the chance, in terms of directing films as men are. Alice Guy was a very early film director who may have been the first person to direct a film with a story - La fée aux choux. The problem is that the film has been lost and at the time she would have directed it (1896) she was employed as a secretary in a camera manufacturing business. There is a film shown on youtube that is sometimes said to be this 1896 film, but is really a 1900 film. She was born on July 1, 1873 in what is now Val-de-Marne, France, just to the southeast of Paris. The following link goes to the earliest existing film of her’s that I’ve seen. It is actually two films, as movies at that time were not longer than a minute. They are dated as being from 1897. The first film is entitled Baignade dans un torrent (Swimming in a torrent) and the second is entitled Le pecheur dans le torrent (The fisherman in the torrent), at the beginning is a short clip showing Alice Guy turning toward the camera. The second film does have a simple story to it. Video is here (2 minutes long): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8_fb3AtmVo. Alice Guy made these films for the Gaumont Company and was eventually promoted to director of the company’s firm's film production division. As a director and maker of films Alice experimented with color and sound. Here is a short video (2 minutes long) of two short films including the characters Pierrette, Pierrot and Harlequin. The films are hand colored frame by frame and are dated to 1900: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOu8agk8UCM. This one minute video shows Alice Guy filming a Phonoscene in 1905. The process is to play pre-recorded music as the scene is filmed. In this case it appears the actors are preparing to dance to the music, although in some cases the actor would sing (lip sync). Alice Guy is in the middle of the frame as the film starts with the movie camera to her left and the two horns of the phonograph to her right. When completed the recording would be played along with the film as it is projected onto a screen in front of an audience. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccatVQU-eGA. With time films became longer. Here is one of Alice Guy’s six minute films entitled Heroine, from 1907: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BOBQa7HGOE and here is a 12 minute long film from 1912 entitled Falling Leaves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_cYhqVblLc. Both are cute little stories featuring young girls. In 1916 Alice Guy made a 40 minute long feature film entitled The Ocean Waif. It is somewhat of a romantic comedy with some very dramatic surrious parts. The film is not in the best of shapes and most likely there are some minor parts missing. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvlCUeqVC8w. In 1910, after she moved to New York City, Alice Guy started her own movie company - Solax and the following year she opened a larger studio in neighboring Fort Lee, NJ. Tom,
  7. Aladdin had to close because they didn’t have the cast members to fill in. There are only so many understudies available!
  8. I received this discount offer for the below performances only: Theatre, Ballet, and an American Icon October 28 at 7:30pm October 29 at 7:30pm October 31 at 2:00pm An Afternoon of Appreciation October 30 at 2:00pm Rhythm and Rapture *Pride Nights* October 27 at 7:30pm October 30 at 8:00pm Enjoy 35% off select seats using code: ABTFRIEND *Subject to availability, limit of two (2) tickets per performance
  9. In my view the essay was about way more than the Nutcracker review, or the reviews of other critics. The heart of the matter is the art form, and the way we "value" some bodies over others. I don't think there is a way around that. The question then becomes, what is the appropriate way to criticize a dancer? I've heard people say Lovette wasn't enjoyable in the After the Rain pas because she is small, and to do justice to the choreography a longer limbed dancer is needed. I have argued with friends about Daniel Ulbricht who I believe has always been underutilized. I have friends that say his thighs are too thick, and his lines not suitable for many roles. Before Megan Fairchild's Broadway run, Alistair was relentlessly critical of her. Was that all right because he never had reason to mention her weight? Is it allowable to be critical of neck length, flexibility of feet, height of extensions etc. but not allowable to criticize a woman's weight, or the thickness of her thighs or waist? (I'm not saying it should be). When we think about diversity of body types in ballet, how much diversity are we willing to tolerate? I for one think it's complicated, and the article left me asking myself a lot of questions.
  10. I read the whole thing and have highlighted some of it below. I think he makes the whole matter worse. Macaulay should simply say he was trying to be witty in a way that no longer has much standing and that he's learned to move on.
  11. Another person I saw in the audience was Zach Catazaro. Lots of alumni and former members of NYCB.
  12. I have to wonder about why Aladdin closed but there have been no other closures based on breakthrough Covid. I think Disney took a more proactive role in testing even though everyone was vaccinated. I'm guessing that most organizations are assuming that since everyone is vaccinated, they are not engaging in any additional testing for Covid. Don't ask don't tell. If you don't feel well stay home until you feel better, but we are not requiring you to go get a Covid test or to tell us the results of any such test.
  13. Koch is no under 12 and NYCB had no closures. Could Nutcracker have impacts based on audience composition? Compare Broadway runs - Aladdin closures to no Springsteen closures. Jujamcyn allows under 12 with negative tests. Springsteen on Broadway FAQs | Jujamcyn Theaters Breakthrough COVID Cases Temporarily Close Curtains on Broadway’s Aladdin | Vanity Fair I'm very happy that Maria Kowroski got the NJ Ballet AD position. It's a nice area close to NYC so a great fit for her DH and family. At first I thought what about Paul Macrae but then realized he is of another generation. Ethan Steifel is an AD in different NJ market, the Princeton area, which has people that go to NYC and Philadelphia for performances.
  14. They were both in Vale this summer. Not dancing together, but at the same festival.
  15. As we all need these shots to go to performances, we're not TOO far off topic! My sister felt awful the next day, but fine after that. We all feel it's a price worth paying to feel safer going out in public. And you know it's working if your body is responding. I was afraid I hadn't actually got the shot properly, but with some searching on credible medical sites (they exist!), I found out my response to the 0.5 dose was normal -- fatigue for a day, then fine.
  16. Only five weeks in the Met season. I hope they will announce soon. This is the first real information on programminng. Skylar and Aaron have been rehearsing Swan Lake and Manon in their coaching sessions on Instagram. I'd love to see the up-and-coming principals in Manon!
  17. Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild will both appear in Twyla Tharp's program at City Center in November. However, they will not be dancing together.
  18. Thank you for this, it’s very helpful. What nice reviews and thoughts! I found this on YouTube last night, Maria’s encore.
  19. yes. I had a second view last night with a different cast and it seems to me that too much is missing than a cut of all the unnecessary scenes that don't add anything to the story. You never get into the complexity of the characters, they don't carry the story. It's more of a series of variations and pas de deux of different styles put end to end and it's not helped by the coutless changes of scenes ... this choreographic problem could only be solved by reworking the choreography to bring a real storytelling though it and also emotions.
  20. I’ll miss her on stage too. She and Tom Forster looked particularly good together in the Lang piece a few years back (the name is escaping me).
  21. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It sounds as if some of the problems might be fixed with judicious editing...but not all...
  22. Thank you for your kind comments- I write when I get overwhelming thoughts. I'm not sure if it helps at this point, but I've been told by so many people (with various struggles) that's journaling helps, so I'm trying it.
  23. It was hard for me to get through Alistair's new piece. It was like reading Thomas Jefferson defending slavery and harping about how hard his life was when it was discovered he got Sally Hemmings pregnant those 6 times. When Alistair started mentioning the women he knew who were fat or anorexic... I just had to stop. It's not about him. His voice is not what has been missing from the conversation. He really doesn't understand. Sorry to hear you have an eating disorder @Balletwannabe and sorry for anyone else dealing with those issues. Some day I may write about my own journey with weight and eating. Do you ever write about it? Does that help?
  24. I also saw Villella in the lobby. I thought I saw Watts appear on stage. Was Wheeldon there also?
  25. I have an eating disorder. I've been to a treatment center. You could never guess by looking at someone who has an eating disorder (gender, weight, job). It's a debilitating mental illness.
  26. I had plantar fascitis for several years. Sometimes I’d cry on the street, three blocks from home, unsure how I was going to get back without further injury. It’s hard to get rid of. Attendance isn’t mandatory at the farewells. Why would they all be there?
  27. I saw Heather Watts with Damian in the lobby. She was there, as was Eddie Villela. Ashley Bouder wasn't there but she might be rather immobile from her injury. I also saw Gillian Murphy in the lobby.
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