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Symphony in C

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At NYCB's Feb. 1 matinee, the leading couple's third entrance in the Third Movement, began with a simple pas de chat. I remember casts going back to the early or mid-70s, with Merrill Ashley, and then Debra Austin and J-P Frohlich, but remember (though I may [possibly] be mistaken) this moment always with a pas de chat vole. I assume that Balanchine developed the leading leg when Violette was dancing the role (her pas de chat vole being something of a trademark). The indelible image I have is of Lindy Roy exploding onto the stage -- so exciting! I was dismayed this afternoon to see the reversion to the earlier, less brilliant version of the step.

Can any of you smart folks trace the evolution of this moment for me? And can anyone justify the change back? :confused: When did they start doing it the old way again at City? Many thanks!

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