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Pamela Moberg

Ballet in California

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Calling all Californians,

My daughter Eva is now studying in Santa Barbara - she is doing law and society.

She once wanted to be a dancer and went to the State ballet school, but unfortunately she dislocated her knee and had to give it up. But she is still keen to see performances (only classical).

So, what is going on in California ballet-wise this fall? Suggestions welcome! :)

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I don't have time to respond to this query in too much detail just now, but the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times is an excellent source of reviews and what's-happening-in-dance-information. Below is a link to a WebCrawler source list of California ballet company sites (look on the left hand side of the screen -- there's an alphabetical A-F, G-R, S-Z listing.


Obviously, this doesn't tell you much about the companies themselves, but there are others more conversant than I with the Southern California dance scene who can provide you with more information. I will try to get back to this thread later. Hope this helps!

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Not all-encompassing, but hopefully helpful:

ABT - San Diego, Sept. 14-16; mixed-rep and Giselle

ABT - Berkeley, Sept. 19-23; same as in S.D.

Miami City Ballet – UCLA; Oct. 12 & 13; Jewels

Ballet Nacional de Cuba – Orange County Perf. Arts Center; Oct. 18-21; "Alonzo Gala" and Coppelia

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