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Dumbed down advertisements

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Ed, that is appalling. I hope you picketed!

BalletNut, your broccoli and M&Ms is absolutely brilliant -- I've been searching for a good analogy, and that's the best I've seen. I will steal it, and use it shamelessly biggrin.gif

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I think part of the trend in advertising is that we live in a very ironic period (it could just be how old I am, but to me it turned in the mid-70's with Watergate and then Saigon. Suddenly, there was no point in believeing anything anyone told you. . .)

By the late 80's advertising had realized that sincerity didn't sell, but irony did. Everything's done with a smirk, now. I think the ads Ed cited reflect the national character as it stands at this point in the cycle.


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The trouble with these ads is that they sound so sarcastic! No one - not even the true ballet fans - can take them seriously. It seems like nobody cares about it all anymore.


You're absolutely right. Everything IS done with a smirk!

Alexandra and BalletNut,

I actualy like brocolli, but haven't had brussels sprouts before. I don't really like M&M's that much either. But it's a good analogy nonetheless. smile.gif

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