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Dance and Costume

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An article from Mirella's "TuTu Review" by Tobi Tobias on the appeal and importance of costume. (Tobias, in addition to being New York Magazine's dance critic, wrote a book last year about fashion called "Obsessed by Dress.")


Years and years ago, I asked Bill Carter — a demi-caractère dancer with American Ballet Theatre, a flamenco dancer manqué, and one of the most soulful artists I've ever known — if his vocation had already been evident in his childhood. "Oh, yes," he reminisced, "I was always dressing up and waving scarves around." Since that conversation, having raised a dancing child, who now has a dance-mad little daughter of her own, I've met with much evidence that there's a profound connection, especially in the very young, between dancing and costume....

Like dance, costume is a means of self-expression, which is nearly as essential to human life as air, nourishment, and sleep.


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Reading this article is the best possible start to my new year....thank you so much for the link, Alexandra.

I have been trying to Maintain a Cheerful Aspect in the midst of cold and January greyness...sewing nonstop on two very beautiful costumes for the past few days has helped immeasurably, but this article was a perfect gift for a new year.

Thank you again and best to all--

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This was fun to read.

On the subject of costuming, I'd also like to take the opportunity to plug Toni Bentley's "Costumes by Karinska," a beautiful and instructive volume.

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