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2 Left Feet

Diablo Ballet, Walnut Creek CA

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You may already know this from Lauren, I was able to move some money on my end and I'm sending my donation your way today.

Wish I could see you guys tonight in Victorville. May I propose either the Luckman at Cal Stat LA or the Cal State Northridge performing arts center for future LA dates? Both are very receptive to dance -- quite aggressive in fact.

Please do pursue the NPR angle. I may know someone who can help here in LA. I'll try to find out today. It may be a little late for your current crisis, but it's a story worth getting out there for every other arts organization in the US.



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2 Left-

Thank you for you suggestions, support and your donation. We're in the home stretch and I'll keep the board posted.



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We close the day at: $123,670.00

An official statement regarding the Save Diablo Ballet Campaign will be made on Wednesday, September 18.

Stay tuned,


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We will continue!

Many thanks to the Diablo Regional Arts Associaton, Peggy White - Executive Director and the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation, Kathleen Odne- Executive Director for donating the final $10,000.00 that we needed to reach our goal. And our thanks to Steve Lesher for his continued support of Diablo Ballet.

Realisitically (as in all non-profits) we need consistent support from many sources - private, corporate and foundation. We are going to continue to drive this Campaign. The more money we can raise right now, the better the future will be for us.

Many, many thanks to all of the "Ballet Alerter's'" and associates for your good wishes and positive energy. This has been an incredibly intense month and I feel today as if I'll need three months to recover, but, there's much work to be done!

I have said it somewhat tongue in cheek previously, but Lauren and I really could write a book about the events of the last year! :-)

David Hicks

Marketing Manager

Diablo Ballet

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