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ABT's Lilac Garden on video

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I'm looking for the video of ABT performing Lilac Garden, made, I think, in the late 80s-early 90s (I think the whole video is "ABT in San Francisco" or similar). It's not available online, nor can I find it at any libraries outside of NYPL Lincoln Center (non-circulating!). I'd be willing to send someone a blank tape if they could copy it for me--or sell me a copy.

Thanks much,


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i didn't realize this had gone off the market.

just maybe if you did a search for AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE IN SAN FRANCISCO (spelling ABT out) you might come up w/ something. or keep checking the ballet offerings on somewhere like e-bay for anyone selling off a copy.

also you might also ask around for a second filming of 'JARDIN' (which is paired w/ DARK ELEGIES), this one in a studio, with closer range shots than those of the SF/live perf. filming, it's called 'A TUDOR EVENING WITH AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE' 1990, which was a 'dance in america' production.

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Thanks for the info--I may actually be remembering the Dance in America tape. I'll keep looking!


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here are some particulars of both filmings:

*American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco : 1985. 105 min. : sd. color Notes:A National Video Corporation production. Producer: Robin Scott. Distributed by Home Vision, Chicago, Ill. Directed for television by Brian Large.

Live performance from the War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco, recorded March 1, 1985.

Danced by artists of American Ballet Theatre.

CONTENTS. - Airs. Choreography: Paul Taylor. Music: George Frideric Handel. Costumes: Gene Moore. Lighting: Jennifer Tipton. Danced by Lisa Rinehart, Kristine Soleri, Anna Spelman, Christine Spizzo, Peter Fonseca, Johan Renvall, Thomas Titone. - Le jardin aux lilas (Lilac garden) Choreography: Antony Tudor. Music: Ernest Chausson. Scenery and lighting: Tim Lingwood. Costumes: Raymond Sovey. Danced by Leslie Browne, Martine van Hamel, Robert La Fosse, Michael Owen. - Swan lake, Act III: Black swan pas de deux. Choreography: Marius Petipa. Music: Peter Tchaikovsky. Scenery: William Pitkin. Costumes: Nicholas Georgiadis. Danced by Cynthia Gregory and Fernando Bujones. - Romeo and Juliet, Act I: Balcony scene pas de deux. Choreography: Kenneth MacMillan. Music: Sergei Prokofiev. Danced by Natalia Makarova and Kevin McKenzie. - Great galloping Gottschalk. Choreography: Lynne Taylor-Corbett. Music: Louis Moreau Gottschalk. Costumes: Gretchen Ward Warren. Lighting: David K. H. Elliott. Danced by Susan Jaffe, Elaine Kudo, Deirdre Carberry, Lisa Lockwood, Christine Spizzo, Kristine Soleri, Robert La Fosse, Gil Boggs, and Johan Renvall.

*A Tudor evening with American Ballet Theatre : 1990. 58 min. : sd.

Notes :A co-production of WNET/Thirteen, New York, and Danmarks Radio. Telecast by WNET/Thirteen, New York, on the Great Performances: Dance in America series on April 13, 1990. Producers: Judy Kinberg and Thomas Grimm. Executive producer: Jac Venza. Production executive: Rhoda Grauer. Ballets directed by Thomas Grimm. Documentary directed by Judy Kinberg. Writer: David Vaughan.

Choreography: Antony Tudor, staged by Sallie Wilson. Lighting: Jorgen Johannessen and Tim Hunter.

Performed by members of American Ballet Theatre. Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Charles Barker.

Lighting, Jorgen Johannessen and Tim Hunter ; executive producer, Jac Venza ; production executive, Rhoda Grauer ; writer, David Vaughan.

Jardin aux lilas / music, Ernest Chausson ; scenery, Zack Brown ; costumes, Hugh Stevenson ; danced by Leslie Browne (Caroline, the bride-to-be), Ricardo Bustamante (her lover), Michael Owen (the man she must marry), and Martine Van Hamel (an episode in his past), with Lucette Katerndahl, Julie Kent, Rosalie O'Connor, Amy Rose, Ethan Brown, Christopher Mattox, Scott Schlexer, and John Summers (friends and relations) ; violin solo, Eric Wyrick.

Documentary on Tudor's life and works, including excerpts from the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in 1986 (presentation speech by Agnes de Mille) and footage of interviews with Tudor, Dame Marie Rambert, de Mille, and Maude Lloyd.

Dark elegies / music, Gustav Mahler ; poems, Friedrich Rückert ; scenery and costumes, Nadia Benois ; cast: Scene 1, Laments of the bereaved: I, danced by Martine Van Hamel ; II, danced by Leslie Browne and Michael Owen ; III, danced by Johan Renvall ; IV, danced by Kathleen Moore ; V, danced by Danilo Radojevic, with Shawn Black, Elizabeth Ferrell, Hilary Ryan, Mary Wilson, and Daniel Chait ; Scene 2, Resignation, danced by entire cast ; singer, Christopher Trakas.

Telecast by WNET/Thirteen, New York, on the Great Performances: Dance in America series on April 13, 1990.

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