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Vienna: Lusthaus (revisited)

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In addition to the thrill of sitting next to and chatting with Peter Martins, I enjoyed a performance of Martha Clarke's VIENNA: LUSTHAUS (revisited), last night at New York Theatre Workshop on 4th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

The program notes say: VIENNA; LUSTHAUSE (revisited), like a dream, explores the unconscious world of Vienna at the beginning of the twentieth century -- in music and movement and texts -- fragments of a lost, shattered world, taken from the paintings of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, from casebooks of Sigmund Freud, frm the dreams of his patients, from letters and journals and diaries: the unconscious world from which our tormented, waking world springs eternally.

I found this one hour and ten minute performance visually stunning. Not always light and pretty, it was still like a beautiful dream

The programs lists:

Concept and Direction Martha Clarke

Music Richard Peaslee

Text Charles L. Mee

Scenic and Costume Design Robert Israel

Lighting Design Paul Gallo

Music Direction Jill Jaffe

Production Stage Management Jennifer Rae Moore

Assistant Stage Management Greg Tito


Vivienne Benesch, Erica Berg, Elzbieta Czyzewska, George De La Pena, Philip Gardner, Richmond Hoxie, Mark Nelson, Jimena Paz, Andrew Robinson, Paola Styron, Julia Wilkins


Jill Jaffe - violin, Daniel Barrett - cello, Steven Silverstein - woodwinds, Stewart Schuele - french horn, Nina Kellman - harp

The program notes that VIENNA: LUSTHAUS was first performed in 1986. Have any Ballet Alert posters seen the original or recent production of this piece?

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I saw this when it was new, Glebb. It was billed as theater rather than dance (and reviewed by theater critics) and was considered, by theater people, as something revolutionary. I remember dance people seeing and saying, "Well, we've been doing this for about 20 years!"

That said, I do remember some stunning images (especially the nude ones :D ) I think your comparison to a dream is a good one -- and like a dream, I only retain impressions.

Martha Clark was going to be our Pina Bausch and that didn't quite happen. I wonder what she's doing now?

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