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ooohhh...I give up!

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Well I did my best to second-guess the powers that be at NYCB and I bombed completely. Actually that is not strictly true. I'll explain:

I had opportunities to see two new Diamond Project ballets during spring season. I just KNEW that the two that I saw in NY would be brought to Saratoga (16 days and counting.....). Then after seeing them I imagined that they would not be chosen since both require extra musicians. Well.

Final details of our Saratoga season have been released. We WILL have Vespro and Haiku--the two that I saw. We will also have Martins' Bach and the Mahdaviani. Oh phooey.

I was hoping to see the Baynes and the Barak. Even though neither had raving reviews, both were well received and both, from my reading, seem to very much follow the classical idiom, something sorely lacking in say, Vespro.

Speaking of Vespro, it will only be performed once, at the Gala, and since I will be working for that night of horror I won't be able to see much. Fine with me. I hated it.

Evans' piece, OTOH, I liked but didn't love. I don't feel the need to see it again, truthfully. Hoping to see some more things in it the next few times.

The second guessing thing? Well, I know they don't take what I've seen into account (darn!), but I certainly would love the opportunity to see everything once, rather than some things twice or three or four times and some not at all. Oh well--I should have made more trips into the city, obviously.

Is anyone still reading? if you are, and you are coming to Saratoga, come say "hey" to me. You'll find me at every performance, usually in the extreme upper corner of house right.


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I've done the same thing -- misguessed repertory or casting. I guess casting roulette -- and repertory roulette -- aren't the sole province of the Kirov (see the thread about casting roulette elsewhere).

Maybe next year.....

But I'm very much looking forward to your Reports from Saratoga!

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