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From www.usaibc.com web site: http://usaibc.com/pdf/062802/medalists_rel...ease_062702.pdf

"2002 USA International Ballet Competition Announces Medalists

Jackson, Miss., June 28, 2002 – The USA International Ballet Competition came to a magnificent climax during its last round of competition with 23 dancers receiving medals, scholarships and cash awards.

Senior Division Medalists are:

Women’s Senior Gold Medalist – Wu Haiyan, China

Men’s Senior Silver Medalist – Li Jun, China

Women’s Senior Silver Medalist – Sarah Lamb, USA

Men’s Senior Bronze Medalist – Mikhail Ilyin, Russia

Women’s Senior Bronze Medalist –Katia Carranza, Mexico

Medalists in the Junior Division are:

Men’s Junior Gold Medalist – Joseph Phillips, USA

Men’s Junior Silver Medalist – Danny Tidwell, USA

Women’s Junior Silver Medalist – Sarah Kathryn Lane, USA

Men’s Junior Bronze Medalist –Yudai Fukuoka, Japan

Jiao Yang, China

Women’s Junior Bronze Medalist – Sang Yi Han, South Korea

Along with medals, cash prizes are given ranging from $500 to $8,000.

Special awards and scholarships were given to:

Best Senior Couple- Eve Andre and Sergei Upkin, Estonia

Pointe Magazine Choreography Award- Wang Yuanyuan

Robert Joffrey Award of Merit- Emi Hariyama, Japan

Jury Award of Encouragement-

Female: Agnieszka Szymanska, Poland

Male: Troy Schumacher, USA

Heinz-Bosl-Ballet Foundation Scholarships- Keigo Fukuda, Japan

Michelle Carpenter, USA

Dance Magazine Scholarship- Eun Ji Ha, South Korea

WorldCom Scholarship- Zhang Jing, China

Jury Awards- Melissa Hough, USA and Ashley Canterna, USA

No gold medals were awarded in the men’s senior division and the women’s junior division."

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Guest Polaire

congratulation for the chinese dancers!!

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Can someone explain why if Olympic style judging is used at IBC, then why were there no gold medals in some rounds? I know that for the Junior girls there were many falls during the final round but is there a score that must be achieved for a gold to be given (which is not true Olympic judging).

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Guest laracf

Well, I don't think it's really Olympic style judging, but rather is "referred" to as the Olympics of ballet...

Here is a blurb from the Clarion-Ledger...


In the VII USA International Ballet Competition, concluding this weekend in Jackson, the International Jury also didn't award a gold medal to a senior (age 19-26) male or to a junior (age 15-18) female. That's not unusual, jury chairman Bruce Marks said. Unlike the Olympics, competitors aren't judged against each other, but against standards set by previous IBC winners, such as Jose Manuel Carreño (1990 Grand Prix, Jackson) and Mikhail Baryshnikov (1969 gold, Moscow).

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Congratulations to Wu Haiyan and Li Jun.

Wu Haiyan is not the most gifted girl among the NBC soloists, but she is the most hard working one.

Li Jun used to be Wang Qiming’s partner. Since Wang got a gold medal in Moscow last year, and she is dancing more principal roles, Li Jun dances with Wu Haiyan more.

NBC dancers have done very well in recent international competitions. I think one of the most important reasons is that they have a wonderful coach, Feng Ying.

Feng Ying herself used to be one of our best dancers in 1980s. She was sent to the Paris Opera and spent there a couple of years after graduation from the Beijing Dancer Academy. She became the Ballet Mistress of NBC in mid-1990s. Almost all girls trained by her got the gold medals in the competitions: Zhang Jian in Moscow 1997, Zhu Yan Varna in 1998, Wang Qiming in Moscow 2001 Meng Ningning in Nagoya 2002 and now Wu Haiyan.

I am proud of her.

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Yessss....WU HAIYAN! The gem of last year's Shanghai IBC shines once again, just as predicted. Her Giselle Act II pdd in Shanghai will forever live in my mind. [...and in my video :( ) I am sure that she dazzled the judges in Jackson, just as she did in Shanghai.

You have a right to be proud, Hu Xinxin! The Chinese are on top yet again. Now, on to Varna!!!

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Hu Xinxin,

Thanks for that wonderful link! It has more than just a chance interview; it has blow-by-blow reviews of each dancer by Renee Renouf, and pictures that I hadn't seen either on the USAIBC website or on the Clarion Ledger.

Though the competition is over, you can read Renouf's take on each of the competitors--a real find for those who had friends (and the children of friends) in the competition.

The index page is:


Thanks again!

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