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More retirements at NYCB?

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I know that Alexandra runs a tight ship here, and that gossip is not tolerated, nor should it be. However, through an NYCB insider the following information has come to me:

I have had an email stating that there will be three more corps women retiring by the end of summer. I mention this because there do seem to be an unusually high number of corps departures right at this time. If it speaks to dissatisfaction within the company that is certainly a matter of concern.

The email also mentioned an imminent retirement from the soloist ranks. I am hesitant to say more since my information is not first hand. What is appropriate to say here? The information surprised me.

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Thanks very much for your discretion. It's really best not to post names -- what if the dancers want to retire -- or leave -- but haven't firmed up plans yet, and management sees the names? Not a good situation.

We'll know at the end of the season.

It is difficult, though, because usually the company doesn't send out a press release with the names of corps dances who retire. If you'd like to email me or PM me with the names, I'll email NYCB press office and check -- but not until after the season and you're sure.

How's that?

To others who read this, no names, please. Thanks!

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