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Studio Company Promotions Question

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Can anyone tell me who was promoted from the studio company into the main company? I believe they were supposed to find out in April, but the website hasn't been updated. TIA :)

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According to the new ABT Dancer Directory the following dancers were promoted to the main company for the 2002 Met Season:

Erin Ackert

Patrick James Ogle

Craig Salstein

The following are current apprentices

Yuriko Kajiya

Catherine Sebring

Kelley Waddell

Ashley Ellis

Melissa Thomas

Sarawanee Tanatanit

Simone Messmer

It's possible that more promotions to the main company/to apprentice were made at the time of the other promotions.


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Originally posted by gottadance07

Isn't she a Discount Dance model?

I assume you're talking about Ashley Ellis? Yes, she's a discount dance model.

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Guest *Jessica*   
Guest *Jessica*

Really, which leotards/other clothes does she model?

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