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Weekend performances anyone? (May 4-5-6)

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yes, I went. Short notes:

Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Whelan, Evans, Ansanelli, Hubbe. Whelannad Evans felt surprisingly off to me. THey seemed to soft and not confident or precise as they suually are. Ansanelli was a real pleasure and Hubbe the standout. Ansanelli and Hubbe portrayed an actual realtionship in their dancing.

Morgen. YAWN. I am not a big Strauss fan, and I don't like these dimly lit stages with big columns on them (Stabat Mater uses one too). That said the dancers were lovely, particularly Kistler, Soto, and Ringer. The audience really loved this one, while I had a problem staying awake. The different pas deux are not sufficiently dissimilar to keep my interest.

In G Major, Kowrowski, Neal. A very light and sunny ballet very well performed. Neal particularly seems to have been improvng steadily over the past few years.

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