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Looking back at the season...

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After reading the SF Chronicle article by Octavio Roca discussing the season gone by (check the Sunday links), I had some thoughts too! I didn't think Jewels was a disappointment at all! In fact, both times I saw it (in one week) the audience was ecstatic. I do agree that the corps was a wee bit shaky at certain moments, but the sum of the whole was quite delicious.

I do agree that 'Later' and 'Continuum' weren't the best and brightest, although I really did enjoy seeing Ms. Berman develop 'Later' into something more than it was originally. I just didn't take to 'Continuum' much at all -- I think if it were different music and better lighting it would have made a world of difference! My eyes sort of hurt after awhile ... I like Mr. Wheeldon's style of showcasing corps members, though.

In Mr. Roca's list of corps members that shone this season, I couldn't agree more with his inclusion of Garrett Anderson. He really catches the attention with his energy, leaps, turns, and his great smile. The smile adds so much! I would have also added Hansuke Yamamoto, another new corps male this year. The audience audibly made its approval when he appeared in 'Dances at a Gathering' and his technique was incredibly sharp. He definitely surpassed the "technician" status, I thought, since he had a real flair and earnest quality to his dancing. I wish I had seen more of him this season ... maybe next!

Also, Nicole Starbuck was promoted to Soloist. I saw her dance the peasant Pas de Cinq in Giselle last Friday. When paired with Vanessa Zahorian, poor Ms. Starbuck looked very nervous as Ms. Zahorian danced happily with that awesome smile of hers. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see a corps member promotion! I wonder if there will be more? Otherwise the soloist section will be quite slim, unless there are dancers brought in from elsewhere.

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"I would have also added Hansuke Yamamoto, another new corps male this year. "

I sure agree with you there, SUsan -- he's a star... as the boy in brick, he was actually BETTER than Gonzalo Garcia -- though GOnzalo was fantastic as the boy in brown , better than hte first cat, in fact, he was so poetic, he was in a class of his own......

And did you see Yamamoto in CHi Lin? IT's not a great ballet, but it does call for heroic dancing, and he was dazzling, fiery, in that role.

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