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New Ballet about Princess Diana!

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Sylvia posted this on the Links forum but I thought I'd copy her post over here for discussion.

Sylvia wrote:

I couldn't resist posting this. It had my stomach churning more than a little...

Princess Diana ballet to be staged

Peter Schaufuss, also a former star of the New York City and Bolshoi ballets, has created the show, called Diana - the Princess, for his Danish company. UK ballerina Zara Deakin will play the role of the princess in the production, which will tour Denmark in the autumn...He has refused to reveal many details of his new show, but has said he is hoping to get a UK pop group to provide the music.

More here.

If it weren't for the two Princess Diana musicals in Germany and New York and German opera that have already been staged I'd have thought this was a late April Fools joke! :P I'm sorry but the idea makes me go "bleh". Still I'm sure it'll be a hit.

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That's sad, I wonder how they'll incorporate the car accident?!

I'm still what for the Elian Gonzalez ballet!

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