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NYCB Nutcracker casting-debuts etc.

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Next week's casting was posted, and a few things of note...

Igor Zelensky will be a "guest cavalier" in two performances, both times dancing with Darci Kistler. Nice to see him back in NYC, too bad I won't be able to make it NYC to see him redface.gif (

Janie Taylor and Seth Orza will be making their debuts at the Sugar Plum Fairy & Cavalier at the Sunday (9th) matinee. While Martins certainly has cast corps women as the Sugar Plum Fairy, is this the first (at least in a while) corps Cavalier? I haven't taken that much notice of Seth Orza, but kudos to him!!

Among the other debuts upcoming...Ashley Bouder as DewDrop and Marzipan, Sean Suozzi as Tea, Aeasha Ash, Saskia Beskow and Henry Seth in Hot Chocolate, Jennifer Tinsley as DewDrop, Lindy Mandaradjieff as Marzipan and Eva Natanya as Coffee.

Also Jenifer Ringer and Damian Woetzel have been paired for an evening or two. Sounds like a great duo on stage, though I don't remember seeing them dance together much (at all?).

And of course, Dan Ulbricht is getting a considerable workout this Nutcracker season, alternating between Soldier, Tea and Candycane. It's nice to see him dance so much now, but I hope we will continue to see him in the repetory season.


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