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Hello everyone!! I'm a Canadian here and I wanted to talk to people about the national ballet!! ANyone else here familiar??

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Hello Canadian,


Welcome to Ballet Alert! 


We don't have a lot of members who see National Ballet of Canada, but we'd love to hear your impressions of the company.  That's what our company forums are for :)  (Reviews are posted in "Links" by dirac and Mme Hermine and can be discussed in our "Writings on Ballet" forum.)


Also, as an FYI, Denise Sum reviews National Ballet of Canada for danceviewtimes, which was founded by our founder, Alexandra Tomalonis.  Links to her reviews are posted to "Links."

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Hello Canadian, welcome to the forum. I'm in Toronto (well actually at the moment I'm in London on a different-ballet-every-day extravaganza, but I LIVE in Toronto), so we must get together at an NBOC performance. YOu can send me a private message or friend me on facebook at Katherine Barber.

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