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Mme. Hermine

Sunday, March 12

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Northern Ballet presents a ballet on the life of Casanova:





There is something almost hubristic in the attempt by Kenneth Tindall and Northern Ballet to condense Casanova's legendary life into less than two hours of dance. However, as the ecstatic first night audience for this world premiere attests, his ambition is richly rewarded.



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A review of a documentary on Sergei Polunin:






There are few current dancers as electrifying as the Ukrainian-born bad boy of ballet, Sergei Polunin. And this handsome documentary does a fine job of both capturing the breathtaking precision and physicality of Polunin at the top of his game, and, through extensive archive footage, tracing how the gifted child from an underprivileged background got to be one of the best in the world.

The film also explores, or attempts to explore, the sources of Polunin’s well-documented demons. Here, one suspects, the truth is rather more complex than the unsettled family background that is squarely blamed.



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