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Poetry and motion: Mikhail Baryshnikov on Joseph Brodsky

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Neil Munshi of the Financial Times wrote an interesting article "Poetry and motion: Mikhail Baryshnikov on Joseph Brodsky." Unfortunately, the article is likely behind a paywall. Perhaps you can read through a library subscription. The article is dated 3/17/17.


One of the first people Mikhail Baryshnikov met when he arrived in New York in 1974, newly defected from the Soviet Union, was the poet Joseph Brodsky. Both men had been invited to dinner by the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, another exile, and their fellow guests included Salvador Dalí and prominent members of the Russian émigré scene.
“When I entered, I recognised immediately Joseph, who was sitting and smoking his cigarette,” says Baryshnikov, laughing. “At that time, he had red hair and, a little bit cocky, he said: ‘Mikhail, nice to meet you. Sit down — we have a few things to discuss.’”


This interview sets up Mikhail Baryshnikov for his performance in the UK premiere of “Brodsky/Baryshnikov”, Apollo Theatre, May 3—6.


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