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2017-18 season

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I'm not sure what to expect in a ballet about Norman McLaren, but I'm certainly curious! 


Both NBC and Pacific Northwest Ballet will be performing Emergence next year -- Pite is getting her moment.


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Thank you for the link, California. Just for the sake of having the complete rep here on the board:

Nov 10-12, 15-19
Wheeldon/Talbot: The Winter's Tale

Nov 22-25
Neumeier/Rimsky-Korsakov, Shostakovich: Nijinsky


Dec 9-10, 13-17, 19-24, 27-30
Kudelka/Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker


Feb 28-Mar 4

Binet/Melnyk: The Dreamers Ever Leave You
Kudelka/Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Pite/Beauchesne: Emergence

Mar 8-11, 13-18

Petipa (Nureyev)/Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty

June 1-3, 6-10

Lepage, Côté: Frame by Frame


June 13


June 16, 17, 20-22
Peck/Martinů: Paz de la Jolla
Côté/Lau: Dark Angels
Ekman/various: Cacti


Oct 3-8
Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris


Jan 25-27
National Arts Centre, Ottawa


Apr 3-8

War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco

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Is Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty staging for NBoC different from POB?  I remember watching NBoC Beauty DVD with Veronica Tennant and Nureyev, it's much abridged, less than 90 minutes long.

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2 hours ago, mussel said:

Is Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty staging for NBoC different from POB?  I remember watching NBoC Beauty DVD with Veronica Tennant and Nureyev, it's much abridged, less than 90 minutes long.


It's pretty much the same, but with different sets and costumes (better ones for POB in my opinion). The DVD is abridged because it had to fit into a 90-minute slot for TV. They chopped the fairies, among other things.

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The only choreographic difference is that the NBoC Princes perform the choreography originally danced by Nureyev, which you can see on the DVD. At the POB he later jacked up the difficulty level even more. And there aren't quite as many fairy attendants in the prologue, which is understandable given that the NBoC is half the size of the POB.


I remember one performance during the last run in Toronto when Tanya Howard had a different role in each act. She danced the first fairy, one of Aurora's friends, a countess and then one of the jewel fairies. Presumably this is seldom necessary in Paris.

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I'm not really sure what to make of this programming. There is just so much that are repeats? 

I am excited for Emergence because I saw it in Seattle and really enjoyed it. Always good seeing the company a piece was made on dance it.

I love Sleeping Beauty and will be curious as to how the production compares to others. Would love to one day see the POB dance it as referenced earlier. 

Havent seem Nijinsky but have seen enough of his other work to assume it will be very very long and very very serious.

I feel like I just saw Winter's Tale and don't particularly want to see it again.

I refuse to suffer through the art gallery ballet one more time but find hope in the Peck work. I find his stuff thoughtful and musical. 

The Robert Lepage looks quite interesting as an idea at least and I've heard more people than I can count claim Four Seasons as a masterpiece. 

Definitley won't be getting season tickets. Will prefer to just purchase tix for the small amount I haven't seen or I think looks good. 

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Casting for The Winter's Tale. More than three weeks in advance, which has to be some sort of record, at least in the Kain era. (There was a time, ancient history now, when principal casting for the full-lengths was printed in the company's subscription brochures, i.e., up to a year in advance. No guarantees it would hold, of course.)


Leontes, King of Sicilia
Piotr Stanczyk (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat)
Evan McKie (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17)
Guillaume Côté (Nov 12, 18 eve)
Harrison James* (Nov 16 eve, 19)


Hermione, Queen of Sicilia
Hannah Fischer (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat)
Jurgita Dronina (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17)
Heather Ogden (Nov 12, 18 eve)
Sonia Rodriguez (Nov 16 eve, 19)


Perdita, Princess of Sicilia
Jillian Vanstone (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat)
Elena Lobsanova (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17)
Rui Huang (Nov 12, 18 eve)
Tina Pereira (Nov 16 eve, 19)


Paulina, Head of Queen Hermione’s Household
Xiao Nan Yu (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat)
Svetlana Lunkina (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17)
Greta Hodgkinson* (Nov 12, 18 eve)
Tanya Howard (Nov 16 eve, 19)


Polixenes, King of Bohemia
Harrison James (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat)
Brendan Saye (11, 12, 16 mat, 17, 18 eve)
Félix Paquet (16 eve, 19)


Florizel, Prince of Bohemia
Naoya Ebe (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat)
Francesco Gabriele Frola (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17)
Skylar Campbell (Nov 12, 18 eve)
Dylan Tedaldi (Nov 16 eve, 19)


All casting subject to change.



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Nijinsky casting


Vaslav Nijinsky

Guillaume Côté (Nov. 22, 24 eve, 26 mat)

Francesco Gabriele Frola (Nov. 23 mat, 25 eve)

Skylar Campbell (Nov. 23 eve, 25 mat)


Evan McKie (Nov. 22, 24 eve)

Piotr Stanczyk (Nov. 23, 25 mat, 23, 25 eve)

Ben Rudisin (Nov. 26 mat)


Heather Ogden (Nov. 22, 24 eve)

Svetlana Lunkina (Nov. 23 mat, 25 eve)

Sonia Rodriguez (Nov. 23 eve, 25 mat)

Xiao Nan Yu (Nov. 26 mat)


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