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Detailed Instructions for PayPal Donations

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Here are detailed instructions to donate via PayPay, using a PayPal account or any major credit card.

You will only see the donate button on the home page of the full version; the mobile version does not support it. If you are on your phone and the mobile version is active, if you scroll to the bottom and click the "Full Version" button, you will see the short instructions and "Donate" button.

You also no longer need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal to process individual transactions. When you click the "Donate" button on either the Ballet Alert! or Ballet Talk for Dancers home page, you will be navigated to the PayPal site where you can choose to log into PayPal or enter payment details directly.

Here are detailed instructions with screen shots:

1. The first step is to enter the donation amount.  There are two possible screens, which we've gotten in the same day.


a.  The first screen requests that you enter the amount in the small box in the top middle of the page. Once you click anywhere else on the page, the total will be updated. In the screen shot, this is under the red arrow. (Click on the screen shot graphics to enlarge them and click the "x" in the bottom right hand corner to close.)

->There is a column named "Make This Recurring (Monthly)" with a checkbox underneath it. Please ignore this. There isn't an option to keep it from showing.


PayPal Page 2b.png


b.  The second screen asks you for the amount in giant type:

New Donate Screen.jpeg


2. Step 2 is to decide whether you want to log in with your PayPal account (the option on the right) or if you want to enter your payment details -- credit card information, name, address, phone number, and email -- instead (the option to the left), there are two ways the screen could display, and I can't tell what triggers which display.

Either the credit card information fields will display, like in the screen shot above, or you will need to click the Continue link to the left (circled in red in the screen shot) to display the fields:


If you choose the second option, please note: if you don't enter the donation amount before you fill in all of the information fields and continue, PayPal won't retain all of the entered information when displaying the error message, and you'll have to re-enter it.


3. Click either the "Log In" or "Review Donation and Continue" button. If all required info is entered and correct/validated, then either will bring you to the Review Page.

4. Under the Purpose column will be a plus sign ("+") to the left of "Please enter your user name". This will open up a box.


5. In the box, please enter your board user name, so that we can thank you for your generosity.



6. The last step is to review your donation information and to click the "Donate $[Donation Amount] in USD Now" button or log out (if you have logged into your account) and close the browser. (There is no cancel link or button.)

Here are links to our Privacy Policy (updated to show that we see their info [except credit card info] through PayPal):

and Refund Policy:

PayPal Page 1a.jpg

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