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Royal Ballet season 2001-2002

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Thanks for posting this, Estelle. I'm not surprised at the lack of Ashton, but I am at the near-disappearance of MacMillan. This seems to be the kind of repertory the old London Festival Ballet would have run in the 1970s (with the substitution of the hot young choreographers of that time for the current time, of course).

MacMillan has been so important to this company for the past thirty years, it seems odd they can't find room for him. (I'm not a fan of either his Romeo or Manon, but I think some of his one-act ballets are very interesting, and suit the company, and are certainly more taxing than anything I've seen by Mr. Duato.)

Of course, that's only an American view. How has this news played where it matters, in England?

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We're getting more Ashton here in DC, this week, than England will get all next year (five Ashton ballets in DC vs. two in England next season). Bizarre.

The one positive about the new season: There will be plenty of big classics in which to 'show-off' the pleiade of technical 'whiz-kids' among the Royal's soloist ranks. I'd take the Concorde to London to see Rojo or Cojocaru as Kitri or Nikiya, if time and budget allows! It will be a Petipa-classic-lovers feast. Sad for the Ashton & MacMillan lovers, though.

A second positive: the DeValois programme. Hopefully to include CHECKMATE, RAKES PROGRESS and other of her seldom-seen great works.

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