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Royal Ballet season recap

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Could we have a Royal Ballet season recap, too, please? I think we have enough Londoners here to do it justice, and it was an important season, not only because it was Dowell's last, but because of the content. For younger balletgoers, I imagine there would have been works that they hadn't seen before -- "Les Noces," "Song of the Earth," etc. (And there's a chance to compare the Kirov's with the Royal's Firebird.)

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I'll try to do a proper one when I have time but for now just a couple of things that stand out to me:

Tamara Rojo as Ondine


Wildor's La Fille

Rojo as Giselle

Song of the earth, especially Leanne Benjaman and Johan Kobborg

Come on, help me, where is everyone?

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As far as I can recall, the best performances (for me) included:


Song of the Earth--Rojo/Cope


and Cojocaru in Giselle

Best productions: the Dream, MacMillan's R&J

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