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Vienna State Opera webstreams

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On Monday, March 13, there will be a live stream of John Neumeier's Le Pavillon d'Armide and Le Sacre by the Vienna State Ballet. This is one of those confusing periods of the year when clocks are being switched at different times in different parts of the world, but I believe that 7:30 pm Central European Time will equal 2:30 pm EDT and 11:30 am PDT. In any event, when purchasing the stream it is possible to choose one of about thirty start times within 72 hours of the live performance.



Le Pavillon d'Armide

The Man (Vaslav Nijinsky) - Mihail Sosnovschi

His Wife (Romola Nijinsky) - Nina Poláková

The Doctor - Roman Lazik

Armide - Nina Poláková

Danse siamoise - Davide Dato

Tamara Karsavina - Maria Yakovleva

Alexandra Baldina - Nina Tonoli

Vaslav Nijinsky as a dancer - Denys Cherevychko

Serge Diaghilev - Roman Lazik

Nijinsky as a student - Richard Szabó


Le Sacre

Female Dancer 1 - Rebecca Horner

Pas de Deux - Ioanna Avraam, Francesco Costa

Female Dancer 2 - Alice Firenze

Female Dancer 3 - Eszter Ledán

Male Dancer 1 - Eno Peci

Male Dancer 2 - Masayu Kimoto



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One more pay-per-view webstream from the Vienna State Ballet remains this season--Swan Lake on June 12--but next season's streams have been announced. 


Thursday, September 28 - Giselle


Saturday, January 6 - Rudolf Nureyev's The Nutcracker


Thursday, February 1 - Edward Klug's Peer Gynt



Tuesday, March 13 - Raymonda

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Giselle, the first pay-per-view stream from the Vienna State Ballet this season, takes place tonight, at 19.30 Vienna time.




The cast includes Nina Polakova as Giselle, Masayu Kimoto as Albrecht, Andrey Kaydanovskiy as Hilarion and Rebecca Horner as Myrtha.


It is possible to select one of numerous stream start times, going right up to the afternoon of Sunday, October 1. But in my experience, the stream must be ordered before it goes live. And the actual process of changing the start time has to be done in German. These are unfortunate glitches in the system.

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